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Spring Classes

Time: Various
Cost: Various
Location: Various

This Spring we will be offering a small number of classes beginning as early as the week of April 19. Details for each class as well as links to register are below or will be coming soon. See details for individual classes below:

  • Church Life

  • Starting Point

    Instructor: Howard Stetson / Brian Yates
    Dates: First two Sundays of each month
    Class Time(s): Sundays, 10:30am – 12:00pm (second service)
    Locations: Room 261
    Cost: Free
    Short Description: A 2-Week Introduction to Faith Bible Church beginning the first Sunday of each month for anyone who is new to Faith Bible Church. Get a clear understanding of the heartbeat of FBC. Starting Point includes an introduction to our vision, priorities and core doctrine. No registration required, just come to the class on the first Sunday of the month.


    Instructor: Brian Sayers 
    Dates: April 19 – May 10 (4 weeks)
    Class Time(s): Sundays, 10:30 – 12:00pm (second service)
    Locations: Room 263
    Cost: Free (No registration required)
    Short Description: Join our loving community making disciples of Christ!

    Fundamentals of the Faith

    Instructor: Chris Tornquist
    Dates: September 18 – May 27 
    Class Time(s): Wednesday nights 6:30pm-8:00pm
    Locations: Reception Room
    Cost: Free
    Required Text: Fundamentals of the Faith by John F. MacArthur (The book will be provided to you free of charge at the first meeting.)
    Short Description: A basic introduction to the Christian faith and the Bible. Ideal for beginner or veteran, this class will give the foundational truths of Christianity upon which our lives are built. (Join at any point or even for specific topics) Learn More

  • Continued from Fall and Winter
  • Quieting a Noisy Soul

    Instructor: Dan & Kelli Dionne
    Dates: 10/20/19 – 4/26/20
    Class Time(s): Sundays, 8:30am – 10:00am (first service)
    Locations: Room 263
    Cost: $15 + Materials
    Required Materials: Taking Time to Quiet Your Soul by Jim Berg. Materials are discounted if bought through FBC. The study workbook is $25 and a CD of lectures is $15.
    Short Description: This is a 24 week guided class to grow your knowledge of God, and with this truth you will learn how to trust God and overcome guilt, anxiety, anger, and despair. This is a weekly Bible study with Bible memorization and watching a DVD class by Dr. Jim Berg. This class is recommended for anyone who is seeking Biblical Counseling for above mentioned issues.

    Women's Digging Deeper Bible Study: Zechariah

    The name Zechariah means “God remembers.” This book reminds us that God remembers His chosen people and has infinite care for them! We invite you to join us for this motivating and encouraging study. Learn More

    Greek 1

    Instructor: Aaron Baddeley
    Dates: 9/9/19 – 5/18/20
    Class Time(s): Mondays, 7:00pm – 8:30pm
    Locations: Room 267
    Cost: $15 (reg fee) + $49 Biblical Language Center access + Textbook Cost
    Required Texts: Mounce, Basics of Biblical Greek (3rd or 4th ed.) & Workbook
    Short Description: This class will begin learning Biblical Greek like a living language before transitioning to studying Greek grammar. The aim of the class will be to give the basic tools for reading the New Testament in the language in which it was originally written. By the end of the class, students should be able to read and parse 1 John and other biblical texts.

    ACBC Exam Writing Class

    Instructor: Brian Sayers
    Dates: September 16, 2019 - May 11, 2020
    Class Time(s): Mondays, 6:30pm – 8:30pm
    Locations: Faith Bible Church, Room 263
    Cost: $60 includes notebook
    Short Description: This course will walk through the Theology and Counseling Exams for those desiring to pursue counseling certification through the Association Of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC). You must have completed their basic training course.

    SEAL Doctrinal Training

    Instructor: Brian Sayers
    Dates: 9/21/19 and then the Second Saturday of Each Month until 5/9/20
    Class Time(s): Saturdays, 7:00am – 9:00am
    Locations: Room 263
    Cost: $15 + Required Textbooks
    Required Texts: Enns, Moody Handbook of Theology, Cooper, Can I Really Trust the Bible?
    Short Description: SEAL (Shepherding, Equipping, and Leadership) Training is a monthly training designed to strengthen current leaders and equip new ones. The SEAL program is a two year program alternating between doctrinal instruction for one year and then practical shepherding issues the other year. Neither year is a prerequisite for the other. This class is designed to better equip you to lead a Growth Group at FBC.

    Biblical Archeology

    Instructor: Craig Culbertson
    Dates: 1/19/20 – 2/23/20
    Class Time: Sundays, 10:30am – 12:00pm (second service)
    Location: Room 263
    Cost: $15 + Required Textbooks
    Required Texts: Holden and Geisler, The Popular Handbook of Archeology and the Bible NOTE: Student is responsible for purchasing required texts since they are not available through FBC.
    Description: Have ever been curious about exploring the connections of physical history: the monuments, ancient temples, dusty artifacts and their connection and confirmation of known biblical narratives? If so then this class for you!