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Fundamentals of the Faith

Time: Sundays, Second Service (10:30AM)
Cost: Free (No registration required)
Location: Faith Bible Church, Room 267

This class is designed to firmly establish an understanding of the foundational doctrines of the Bible. It will help build a solid Christian base which will impact all of your life. Using a workbook, videos, interactive discussion, and presentation-based teaching, it is a great place to ask questions to explore and clarify biblical teaching. You will have the opportunity to learn and grow in a group setting and develop lasting friendships with others in the class.

Who should attend: This class is for those at all levels of biblical knowledge, whether a person has been a Christian for many years, or is new to the faith, or just exploring the teachings of the Bible for the first time. It will encourage and stimulate spiritual growth at every level of Christian maturity.

Workbook provided (for those who take the entire class).

For those unable to commit to the entire course, the class is open to anyone who would like to attend for individual topics as listed below.

  • Full List of Topics and Dates
  • September 19
    Overview of the class and Introduction to the Bible
    • The history and background of the Bible
    • Overview of Bible content and message

    September 26 – October 3

    How to Know the Bible
    • The “whys” and the “hows”
    • The Bible study process
    • Tools and tips for effective personal Bible study

    October 10–17

    God: His Character and Attributes
    • Knowing God
    • God’s attributes
    • The impact of God’s attributes on everyday life

    October 24–31

    The Person of Jesus Christ
    • The critical importance of this doctrine
    • Fully man, fully God
    • The Savior
    • The Coming King

    November 7–14

    The Work of Christ
    • The problem: Sin and sins
    • The cost of Christ’s work
    • The provisions of Christ’s work
    • The motive and continuation of Christ’s work
    • The wonders of the cross
    • The “way” and the “why” of the cross
    • Satan and hell

    November 21 & December 5

    • God’s sovereignty in salvation
    • God implements and culminates His plan
    • Conversion
    • The evidence of salvation
    • Its source, strength, and endurance

    January 9–16

    The Person and Ministry of the Holy Spirit
    • The Holy Spirit is a Person
    • The Holy Spirit is God
    • The Work of the Holy Spirit
    • The ministry of the Holy Spirit in salvation
    • The ministry of the Holy Spirit in a believer’s life

    January 23–30

    Prayer and the Believer
    • The nature of prayer
    • The practice of prayer
    • The struggle of prayer
    • The joy and delight of prayer

    February 6

    A thrilling story: The Prayer Revival of 1858

    February 13–20

    The Church: Fellowship and Worship
    • The Universal Church
    • The Local Church
    • Fellowship
    • Worship
    • Ordinances of Baptism and Communion

    February 27 – March 6

    Spiritual Gifts
    • The nature of spiritual gifts
    • The provision of spiritual gifts
    • The exercise of spiritual gifts

    March 13–20

    Evangelism and the Believer
    • The call to evangelism
    • The Good News of evangelism: The Gospel
    • The essentials of evangelism
    • Strategy for evangelism
    • Tools and tips to help
    • Things to avoid

    March 27 – April 3

    • The call to obedience
    • Obedience marks a true believer
    • Examples of disobedience
    • Examples of obedience
    • The promise and blessings of obedience
    • Areas of obedience
    • Our attitude toward obedience
    • Tools for obedience: the armor of God

    April 10 & 24

    God’s Will and Guidance
    • The meaning of God’s will
    • The nature of God’s will
    • Response to God’s will
    • The meaning of guidance
    • The nature of guidance
    • Discerning God’s will in specific circumstances

    May 1

    The Return of Christ and Eternity
    • Millennialism
    • The rapture
    • The tribulation