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Sunday Morning In-Person Services

Time: 8:30AM & 10:30AM
Location: Faith Bible Church: 600 W Cora Ave. Spokane, WA 99205

We are excited to worship with you all in person! Below is the invitation schedule for regional groups. These groups will be invited via private email on the Monday prior to the service. Any service that does not reach 200 registered by Thursday morning will be opened up to the whole church on a "first come, first serve" basis.

See the list below the schedule to know which regional list you are in—for those in growth groups it is based on where your growth group is located, not where you live. 

Note: As has been the case during the duration of the pandemic, the situation is dynamic and adjustments may be necessary. We will keep you informed, and we thank you for your patience!


Sunday, September 6
North Central
• West Plains
• Spokane Valley

Sunday, September 13
• North East
• North West

Sunday, September 20
• South Hill
• North Central

Sunday, September 27
• West Plains
• Spokane Valley
• North East


Breakdown of Regional Lists

North Central Regional List

  • Brian Writebol’s Shepherding Group
    • Writebol Growth Group
    • McEachran Growth Group
  • Nathan Thiry’s North Central Shepherding Group
    • Erbeznik Growth Group
    • Ward Growth Group
    • Bland Growth Group
    • Pichette Growth Group
    • Northwest Terrace/9-Mile Growth Group
    • Fundamentals of the Faith
  • Brian Sayers’ Shepherding Group
    • Counseling Ministry


North East Regional List

  • Jim Greenup’s Shepherding Group
    • Marchese Growth Group
    • Mitchum/Mullins Growth Group
    • Schwarz Growth Group
  • Paul Funchess & Jeremy Rainbow’s Shepherding Group
    • Kerr Growth Group
    • Dougherty Growth Group
    • Ferguson Growth Group
    • Smith Growth Group
    • Family Ministry Leaders
    • Kondryszyn & Layton Growth Group


North West Regional List

  • Tom Dudenhofer’s Shepherding Group
    • Dudenhofer Sunday Morning Growth Group
    • Campbell, Robinette, Dudenhofer Growth Group
    • Sonduck Growth Group
    • Nepali Ministry Leaders
  • Mark Hippauf’s Shepherding Group
    • Peabody Growth Group
    • Marriage Class Leaders
    • Carter Growth Group
  • Jeremy Kuhn’s Shepherding Group
    • Waters Growth Group
    • Yount Growth Group
    • Bouck Growth Group
  • Toby Rainbow’s Shepherding Group
    • Youth Ministry Staff
    • Sousa Growth Group


South Hill Regional List

  • Dan Dionne’s Shepherding Group
    • Yates Growth Group
    • Kim Growth Group
    • Canaday/Hartzell Growth Group
  • Dan Jarms’ Shepherding Group
    • Jarms Growth Group
    • Kopp Growth Group
    • Tripp Growth Group
  • Walt Takisaki’s Shepherding Group
    • Demmert Growth Group
    • Craven/Demmert Growth Group
    • Osborn/Hughes Growth Group


West Plains/Palouse/West Central Regional List

  • Nathan Thiry’s West Plains Shepherding Group
    • Pyle Growth Group
    • Hilliard Growth Group
    • Hill Growth Group
    • Barrett Growth Group
  • College Ministry Shepherding Group
    • DOXA leaders
    • DOXA members


Spokane Valley Regional List

  • John Gardner’s Shepherding Group
    • Bradford Growth Group
    • Voss Growth Group
    • Music Ministry who are not in a growth group
  • Nathan Thiry’s Shepherding Cohort
    • McKinsey Growth Group
    • Perrine Growth Group


To check which Shepherding group you are assigned to, log in to Church Center online or in the App and click on My Groups. All the groups that you belong to are listed there in My Groups section. If you did not get assigned to a Shepherding group and believe you should have been, please contact the office at and we will get you assigned. If you are new to the church and would like to join us for in-person services, fill out this form to sign up for our email list so you can receive the general invitation emails on Thursdays.