Thrive 2019 FAQs

Are there scholarships available?

Yes, there are partial scholarships available (we give these first to those who attend FBC) and we ask that you to help in some way with the conference for your scholarship.  

What if I can’t attend the whole conference, is there a price difference?

Yes, contact the Faith Bible Church office at 509.326.9455 or for Saturday only or Friday only discount codes.

Will there be childcare?

No, although we love children and understand that childcare can be a problem for some women, we cannot accommodate childcare because we do not have the staff to do so.  Nursing babies are welcome.

Can I bring a friend?

Absolutely! The purpose and intent of the Thrive 2019 is to encourage and strengthen relationships, seeking to teach and train them; we gladly welcome other women to this event and pray they will be encouraged as well.

Is this open to women from other churches?

Yes! (See above question.)   


How can I register?

Online at the church website, 

I have food allergies, what should I do?

To some extent we will try to accommodate food allergies (gluten, nuts, eggs & dairy) and will offer a Paleo meal for women with these allergies who specify it when they register.  Please feel free to bring your own food if you are at all concerned.  Note: if you bring your own food, the conference price is still the same.

Are there additional costs for the weekend?

No. But we will have a book table and the Espresso Cart will be open during part of the conference as well.

Is this conference open to teen girls?

Yes, it is our heart and our desire that all gals come to the conference. We are trying to design the conference to meets the needs of any woman, no matter her age.

What should I wear?

Be comfortable, remember that at times and in some areas of our church, it can be chilly, so dressing in layers is good.

What should I bring?

All you will really need is your Bible and a pen or pencil; a conference booklet will be supplied to you.

Can I receive Thrive 2019 information to hand out at my church?

YES! Please email and include what materials you would like (slides, flyers, posters, social media/digital etc.) and we will be happy to provide them to you.

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