The Revelation of Jesus Christ: A Digging Deeper Bible Study

The Revelation of Jesus Christ: A Digging Deeper Bible Study

"The Revelation of Jesus Christ" is an in-depth Bible study of the book of Revelation designed to give women study tools that will lead them from knowledge of the passage to personal application for daily living. Have world events caused you to fear the future? Are you wanting to know what happens to people when they die? Do you find yourself confused when you read the book of Revelation? Dig deeper in Bible study to find clarity and answers from God’s Word that will cause you to worship King Jesus! Features: * Each of the eighteen lessons are divided into 5-day sections to promote in-depth Bible study. * A resource section with charts and maps will help you understand the book of Revelation. * This Bible-based study is written from a futuristic, premillenial, pretribulation viewpoint. John MacArthur's commentary, "Because The Time Is Near," is used as a primary reference source and can be purchased separately on Amazon. * Full-sized Scripture pages for markings can be downloaded online at 

About the Authors This Bible-based study is co-authored by three women from Faith Bible Church in Spokane, Washington. Marilyn Klock and Vickie Grewe, both with experience teaching the Bible through Bible Study Fellowship and Precepts Bible studies, have teamed up with Jenni Rainbow, who has an avid love for studying God's Word, to write this in-depth study of the book of Revelation. All three women are actively involved in Women’s Ministries at Faith Bible Church and desire that all women will come to rely on God’s Word as the foundation for daily living.

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