Leadership Training and Equipping Classes

Faith Bible Church is not built on programs, but people. The strength of our ministry, will not be our planning, but the character, skill, and knowledge of the people ministering within our church. That is not only our pastors and elders, but also an army of lay leaders committed to seeing the church grow locally and internationally.

Leadership Training ministry seeks to train lay leaders, ministry team leaders, and future pastors for the effective work of ministry.

If you are a parent, a children’s worker, young adult, growth group leader, potential elder, new believer, short-term missionary, deacon, pre-seminary bound, lay pastor/elder, or missionary preparation these classes are for you.


We offer a range of classes including, parenting, marriage, greek, Hebrew, biblical counseling, and more. Some run for a whole year and some run just a few weeks, rotating through on a quarterly schedule. Call the Office at 509.326.9455 if you have questions regarding upcoming classes or registration.

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The Gospel to Christians: Breaking Free from the Fog of Self-Reliance
March 17, 2019
You might be at least somewhat intrigued by the title: The gospel to Christians. The hope of this...

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The Gods Who Did Not Make the Heavens: Atheism
July 19, 2018
To most effectively share the gospel with your atheist or agnostic friends you must understand th...

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The Gods Who Did Not Make the Heavens: Islam
July 12, 2018
In this class Jerod will walk us through a history of Islam and how and when it emerged onto...

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