Next Generation Facility

Next Generation Facility

Making space for making disciples

The elders of Faith Bible Church are praying for God to continue to use Faith as a central location in Spokane for local, regional and global impact for Christ’s kingdom.

For over 25 years, God has enabled us to see Him accomplish above and beyond all that we could ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20) in the work of the people using the campus of Faith Bible Church. We are envisioning and planning future ministry scenarios and what changes should be made to the facility to best enable effective ministry for future generations.

Looking back

  • Global Impact: God has raised up 30 men from within Faith Bible Church for full-time ministry, including four now serving in overseas missions and more preparing to go.
  • Regional Impact: Faith has housed a distance location of The Master’s Seminary for seven years. It allows families to stay in the region and work to support their families while in seminary. Seven men have graduated, and 18 men are currently enrolled.
  • Local Impact: As God multiples our numbers, Faith plants churches to eliminate the need to build a larger facility. God has provided the resources to have two local churches grow out of Faith Bible Church that are furthering the gospel in the Spokane area.
  • Faith Biblical Counseling Center: The counseling ministry has continued to grow, with 17 Faith Bible Church certified biblical counselors caring for church members and the community. In 2018, the Counseling Center expansion increased its capacity to help more people simultaneously.

Ministering to the Next Generation

The elders continue to pray and plan for the next phases of the facility that we desire to be used greatly for disciple making. A 25-year-old facility needs continual maintenance and upgrading to facilitate current ministries. We also recognize that we need to plan for the next 25 years, if Jesus tarries. How can we improve the Faith facility to better accommodate disciple-making of all ages?

We envision a facility that is welcoming, comfortable, and flexible to accommodate different ministry types. First and foremost, it should help members of Faith as we build one another up in Christ.

For the maintenance and renovations we desire to complete within the next three years, broad estimates place the total cost in the $2 million range. See the preliminary list and schedule of projects here

The Challenge

We are asking the Faith Bible Church congregation to prayerfully consider giving sacrificially toward the ongoing vision of utilizing our church campus to make disciples locally and globally.

Here’s what we would like the people of Faith Bible Church to do:

  1. Pray. Ask God how your household should participate. Get the whole family involved in praying about how each one can contribute. No amount is too small to make an impact.
  2. Evaluate. Evaluate your own stewardship and ensure your finances are managed well before making a commitment to this campaign.
  3. Pledge. Place pledge cards in the offering or fill out the online pledge form. Pledges will only be used to help the elders estimate the total giving to the campaign, plus you’ll be able to track your progress on your pledge in your Church Center account. 
  4. Give. Fulfill your pledge cheerfully and sacrificially as God enables.
  5. Pray. Even if you cannot give financially at this time, we ask all Faith members to pray regularly for this campaign, for wisdom in decision-making as it progresses, and for the Lord to be glorified in it.

To give towards your pledge to the campaign, designate "Capital Projects" for your online gift or on your giving envelope.

If you'd like to discuss a gift with our leadership, you can contact Mark Frankian at

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