Doxa (College Ministry)

Doxa is the Spokane college ministry of Faith Bible Church. Our desire is to be a loving community where collegians can learn to declare Jesus Christ with their lives. The ministry is built on two pillars: 

  1. A commitment to the local church, helping each other apply God’s word to our lives; and 
  2. A commitment to making Jesus known through Christ-like living and sharing the gospel wherever God has us.

We seek to have a college Bible Study presence on or near all of Spokane’s College Campuses (Gonzaga University, Moody Aviation, Eastern Washington University, Whitworth and the Community Colleges of Spokane). Although there are a few other college ministries in Spokane, we are uniquely structured within the church so as to be unified with the rest of the church in pursuing the church’s mission of being a loving community making disciples of Jesus Christ.

We meet as a whole group every other Thursday at 6:30pm at Faith Bible Church in Room 165. On the weeks in between, we meet at various locations for Campus Bible Studies, also at 6:30pm.

Due to COVID-19 changes and restrictions, locations for campus bible studies may vary from month to month. Email Jared at to learn where your campus’ bible study meets.

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