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Get connected to life in the body of Christ.

Growth groups exist to help people achieve maximum spiritual growth. We refer to this growth as life change, transformation, or sanctification. This is the ultimate goal for every person in every group.

At Faith Bible Church, we believe, according to the New Testament model, accelerated spiritual growth happens best in the context of the loving fellowship of a small group of believers. (Ephesians 1:18Philippians 1:6Colossians 1:1028-29).

Transformation is not a solo endeavor. The New Testament teaching on this subject is always in a plural context. Spiritual growth never happens in a relationship vacuum. Biblical life change happens when Christians join together in small groups and together submit to the authority of the Word of God. Believers become more like Jesus when together they seek by the power of the Holy Spirit to conform their lives to the Bible’s teaching. This is the purpose for growth groups!

Membership or affiliation at FBC involves a commitment to participate in a growth group.  Anyone who is serious about growing as a Christian can’t limit their church involvement to Sunday worship services; they need to be active in a growth group.

Most of our Growth Groups Meet September through May and take the summer off.

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