Our aim is to make disciples of all the nations by reaching out to people locally and globally to share Christ with them. We do this as members of a local church with the goal of helping the people we reach out to become disciples of Jesus who join the local church. 

FBC Global Outreach is especially focused on taking the gospel to new places and on training leaders. Our goal with all of this is to make disciples of Jesus who will form local churches that follow and teach God’s Word.

We are committed to come along side our global partners:

  1. prior to sending them to ensure that their giftedness, equipping and character are established
  2. as they are sent to ensure that their is a good fit with their ministry, destination, agency and team
  3. after they are sent to continue a strong relationship in all possible ways with respect to support, strategy and spiritual vitality

We believe that disciples are made of all nations by proclaiming the gospel and establishing the church. Therefore, we aim to send out primarily men who are gifted, trained and elder-qualified equippers who do pioneer gospel proclamation, translate the Bible and/or equip church leaders.

We also want to be faithful to send others who may not fit exactly in the above group but who have been serving among us as part of FBC and could be an important part of making disciples of all the nations. For example, single women who have been faithful with loving the lost and loving the church could be sent out to make disciples among the nations as part of a team of global partners. Others could be sent out in a support role (pilots or educators for example), making it possible for others to make disciples among all the nations. The primary issues are 1) discerning who God has sent to us, who have been among us, have been tested, affirmed and equipped and 2) discerning how those we send out can best make disciples among the nations and establish reproducing churches.

We also value partnerships with national pastors and global partners and consider supporting them with equipping resources and financial resources to be a strategic investment in the carrying out of the Great Commission.One of our long-term goals wherever we send global partners is to establish an even longer-term partnership with the national leaders for the sake of the ongoing advance of the gospel. We want to see church-planting movements of Biblically led, Christ-centered and gospel-empowered churches.

We will focus on establishing teams in key, strategic regions of the world.

We aim to send out short-term teams to encourage and assist our global partners and to encourage and expose our members to global outreach.

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Nathan Thiry

Nathan Thiry is the Growth Groups & Outreach Pastor at Faith Bible Church. He enjoys biking and outdoor activities, and has a passion to see the gospel spread throughout our community and the whole world!

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