Book Review: Christmas Tapestry

Posted by Katie Meyers on December 3, 2023
Book Review: Christmas Tapestry

A Jewish wedding tapestry, an old church, an elderly woman, a plasterer, a young boy, and a pastor are at the heart of this children’s book written and illustrated by Patrica Polacco. Christmas Tapestry spans generations and continents to reunite a couple separated by war.

“‘In Germany… almost sixty years ago. I sewed it with my own hands.’ She held the cloth with her gnarled fingers. ‘My appliqué… my family symbols… there—do you see, child?’”

The Weeks family relocated from Memphis, Tennessee, to Michigan to revitalize an old church and congregation. After working for months to paint and update the building, there is water damage to the walls after the first, heavy snow. Pastor Weeks and his son Jonathan set off to Detroit to pick up Christmas decorations for the church. On their journey they find a unique tapestry and meet an elderly woman at a bus stop. She returns with them to the church and sees the tapestry Jonathan found in a thrift store. The woman tells her story of being separated from her husband by the war.

When the plasterer comes to fix the water damage in the church, he also recognizes the tapestry. This sweet, unforgettable story is credited to several sources and is thought to be true.

“Jonathan Jefferson Weeks thought his heart would burst at the pure joy of the season… and the wonder of all the events that had taken place.”

I love this Christmas story. It is woven with history and truth in Polacco’s rich storytelling style. Christmas Tapestry has wonderful artwork and should be added to your Christmas book collection.

The reading level is for elementary-age children, but it is a story to be cherished by all ages.

Katie Meyers

Katie writes for a digital marketing agency. She grew up at Faith Bible Church and serves in Aspiring Women and as a writer for Living Faith magazine. 

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