Book Review: Roxaboxen

Posted by Stacy Ott on September 16, 2023
Book Review: Roxaboxen

Exercising our imaginations helps us to imagine the wonderful stories that God shares with us in His Word. How is it possible for us to picture Jesus walking on water, or Peter catching a number of fish so large that the net was breaking, or a rider on a white horse coming from heaven? By observing many things in this world and composing pictures with our imaginations.

We can help our children practice exercising their imagination by sharing thoughtful stories about using our imagination to create fun and games. One such story is called Roxaboxen. I discovered this delightful picture book in our church library as we were working on the library revitalization.

Roxaboxen is a story about children using their imagination to use found items in their neighborhood to create a community where friends can go and play. They created homes, cars, horses, and even a cemetery. 

Illustration for Roxaboxen by Barbara Cooney

It was a community where the children could explore and pretend. As the story ends, we hear from the narrator that even as the children grew old they still remembered Roxaboxen and they shared their fond memories with their children.

Stories build sweet relationships when shared, and this is a sweet story to share with young ones in your life.

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