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Family Ministry Team Q&A

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A Question & Answer time recorded at the Family Ministry Retreat Fall 2018.

Show Notes 

Questions include:

  • How can we include single people in church family life?
  • How do you prioritize spouse? And how do you display that priority to your children?
  • How to encourage wife when she has legitimate worries?
  • How do you resolve sibling conflict when you don’t know what happened?
  • How do you balance trying to protect your kids and letting them fail?
  • Tips for handling parenting transition from high school to college. 
  • How do you battle the feeling of isolation if you are stay at home mom?
  • How do you handle relationships with unbelieving family members, particularly at the holidays?
  • How do we ensure we are following Christ for the correct motives and not just fitting in with other families in the church?

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    Keywords: learning from failure, sanctification, loneliness, social media, outreach, serving, neighborhood, tattling, extended family Christmas, transparency, authenticity

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