Family Ministry Team Q&A

Family Ministry Team Q&A
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A Question & Answer time recorded at the Family Ministry Retreat Fall 2018.

Show Notes 

Questions include:

  • How can we include single people in church family life?
  • How do you prioritize spouse? And how do you display that priority to your children?
  • How to encourage wife when she has legitimate worries?
  • How do you resolve sibling conflict when you don’t know what happened?
  • How do you balance trying to protect your kids and letting them fail?
  • Tips for handling parenting transition from high school to college. 
  • How do you battle the feeling of isolation if you are stay at home mom?
  • How do you handle relationships with unbelieving family members, particularly at the holidays?
  • How do we ensure we are following Christ for the correct motives and not just fitting in with other families in the church?

Keywords: learning from failure, sanctification, loneliness, social media, outreach, serving, neighborhood, tattling, extended family Christmas, transparency, authenticity

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Dave Gamon

Dave is a science teacher in the Mead school district. He and his wife, Jen, have 5 children.

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Dennis Dougherty

Dennis is a teacher at Gonzaga Prep. He and his wife, Wendy, serve in Faith's College ministry.

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Paul Funchess

Paul is Pastor of Trinity Church in Spokane Valley, planted by Faith Bible Church in 2022. He studied at Shepherd's Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Christie, have eight children: six girls, and two boys!

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Walt Takisaki

Walt is an elder at Faith Bible Church and works in the tech industry.

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Wendy Dougherty

Wendy and her husband, Dennis, have four children and serve in Faith's College ministry.

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