Family Worship: You Can Do It! (John Gardner)

Posted by John Gardner & Paul Funchess on October 17, 2019
Family Worship: You Can Do It! (John Gardner)
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Paul and John discuss what family worship looks like in their homes and ideas for how to get started in your home as well as many helpful resources!

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John Gardner

John is the pastor over Music Ministry at Faith Bible Church. He is a coffee aficionado who loves most kinds of music, but has a particular fondness for big band (especially when he's playing trumpet in the band). He and his wife, Laurie, have 3 kids who enjoy reading, hiking, and the symphony.

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Paul Funchess

Paul is Pastor of Trinity Church in Spokane Valley, planted by Faith Bible Church in 2022. He studied at Shepherd's Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Christie, have eight children: six girls, and two boys!

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