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Global Partner Interview: Natalie Widman

Tenerife, Spain

Posted by Nathan Thiry & Other on September 27, 2023
Global Partner Interview: Natalie Widman
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Natalie Widman joins us to share about her story and her work as a Global Outreach Partner in Tenerife, Spain. 

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  • Dan Jarms 0:00
    Today on faith matters we have Nathan Thiry interviewing our global partner, Natalie Widman, who is home with us from Tenerife, Spain.

    Dan Jarms 0:15
    I'm Dan Jarms. And I'm Seth Weber. And you're listening to faith matters a podcast to help update you on matters of faith Bible Church, as well as equip you in matters of the Christian faith.

    Nathan Thiry 0:34
    Hello, Faith Bible Church, I am here in the studio with Natalie Whitman, one of our global partners. Hi, Natalie. Hi, how are you? Good. So good to be here with you. Thanks for coming in visiting us all the way from Tenerife. How many miles is it from there to here? Yeah, lots of lots of flights,

    Natalie Widman 0:51
    many flights.

    Nathan Thiry 0:51
    Now it's good to have you here in Spokane visiting with us. I'm excited for people at Faith Bible Church to get to know you to get to know your story and just how God's been so faithful to you. Why don't you start out by telling us about yourself a little bit?

    Natalie Widman 1:03
    Well, I grew up in California, I my dad was in the military. So we moved around a lot. And I did not grow up in a Christian home. I started some bad habits of lying. And I was following my friends. I was very much a slave of what they thought. And I found a lot of my identity. And then when I was in high school, my parents divorced. And I felt lost. My mom became a believer at that time, she started searching spiritually, or some truth. And then so she started talking to us about the Lord, my sister and I. And we kind of thought she was a little bit crazy. So at that point, I was ready to graduate from high school and get away from that influence. And she said, when you go to college, you should go to a Bible study once you get there, and I was like, yeah, yeah, right. And my first week living in the dorms, I was on a college campus in Southern California, a student knocked on my door and invited me to a women's Bible study. And I remember thinking, I didn't want to go. But I thought I'll go once. And then I could tell my mom, I went and she'll stop questioning me. She'll stop pushing me. And that first Bible study, they had brownies, I think were warm. And I thought, Wow, this isn't that bad. So I had been lying to a lot of people. And so when they asked me, Are you a Christian, I just said, Yeah, I just I just faked that expected. But the ladies were so kind they invited me to. They're part of a parachurch organization. And they invited me to their Bible study. They invited me to go with him to church. And so I faked it for a year. And my second year in the dorms, I was confronted by one of my roommates who really was a believer, and she said, you, you say you love Jesus, but I don't see it. You say you're a Christian, but you're not. And you need to make a decision. And I was at our conference, hearing about the Bible. And they read Matthew 1820 to 30. And I thought, wow, I, I want rests for my soul. That was the first time I had heard a verse and thought, that's what I want. Not a decision based on what my friends thought. But for me, that, that I that it wasn't wrong, that I was a follower. It was it was who I was following. And so that opened my eyes. It was New Year's Eve, I was 19 years old. And since after that, I I was really growing as a believer. I grew in discipleship. I had a lot of very wonderful people around me. My mom at that time had moved from California to Spokane, because she had family in Spokane. She found faith Bible Church. So when I graduated from college, it was normal was a natural thing for me to move to Spokane. To be with her, and I got involved with paper which was right away. So and I loved it. Being at Faith was the first time I had seen a church that was elder led with men that were encouraging me to serve and wanted to, but they were being very kind and caring for me. So it was very eye opening for me.

    Nathan Thiry 4:38
    Wow, that's really, really neat to hear your story how God saved you so encouraging. And I see the brownie theme coming through and all the ministry you do now all the brownies and scones and cookies you make there's power and you sound like a disciple of those belts, maybe yes, yeah. No, that's that's so cool to hear how God's grace has been working in your life. So you came to Spokane after you graduated, did you start working right away? At the airport, or what were you doing? Then

    Natalie Widman 5:06
    I was a baggage handler. Right after I moved here, I started that job, it was a very fun job. I really enjoyed the friendships that I made at working at the airport. And the hours were very flexible. I could trade with people. So I could be in ministry at church. And it was, it was a good opportunity to learn and grow. I saw that I started in youth ministry. And I saw that these high school girls knew more than I did. And so I was, I was like, I need to step it up a little bit. And I was in the Old Testament survey class and New Testaments are a class, the anything I could do to eat up the word I saw my need for I used a lot of my time reading and studying and serving, because I wanted to, because I saw what others around me knew and, and others were encouraging me to continue serving. So I was, I felt like kind of a sponge.

    Nathan Thiry 6:11
    That's amazing. God really drew you and trained you hear through all that experience and teaching. So how did you get connected with missions? Did you start doing short term teams? Or what was your initial connection to missions here at Faith Bible Church,

    Natalie Widman 6:26
    one of the people in ministry had challenged me at one point, you said, you he was kind of going around the table and and saying, you know, in your future, I would, you know, I think that you can grow in this way or this way. And so when he got to me, he said, you should consider being a missionary, like an overseas missionary, I could see your personality doing that. And I thought that was the most random thing that somebody could say, I was like, well, it's okay. Never thought of that one. And soon after that, the missions pastor here at Faith, got up front on a Sunday and said, there's, for the first time in Spokane, there's going to be a perspectives on the world missions class. And if anybody here has had a heart for missions, or would encourage you to go to it, so I thought, well, maybe I should be, maybe I should go. And I went, and it was so interesting. And it was, so I really enjoyed so much about what they were saying. Or it was about a five month class of the history of missions, and what the Bible says about missions. And in that class, they emphasize, you know, the church is run by elders, and the church sends the missionary. So it was a real clear, like, Oh, this is just easy to see what happens in missions. And John Smith was here, and he had said, There's short term teams out there, and if you guys want to go and so I thought, Okay, this is a good transition. Like I haven't, I've done project surf and I've done a lot of community stuff with a church, but I hadn't gone overseas. And others, too, are saying you should try it, you know, you'd like to serve. So that first year, I got sent on the Kazakhstan team, and totally loved it. Had no idea we'd love it so much, was really moved, after seeing the need for missions in the nations and came back and was working at the airport still. And then I was like, Okay, this is gonna be great. The next summer. I'm gonna go, we'll see where they, where they put me on next year. So the second summer I went to Pakistan. That was right after you went the year before, right?

    Nathan Thiry 8:46
    Yeah, so it was that 2005? That was 2005.

    Natalie Widman 8:49
    Yeah. 2014. Kazakhstan, 2005 in Pakistan. And that's a totally different ministry. But came back. I totally loved it. So I was like, Oh, well, this is really cool. I wonder where I'm gonna go next summer. And the missions pastor at that time, a few months later had come to me and he said, Where are you gonna go next summer? And I said, Well, I don't know. What do you think? You know, I don't know. He goes, Natalie, let me tell you, you're gonna go to Venezuela. So it was like, Whoa, now they tell you where you're gonna go. I didn't even know that. But in my head, I thought, hey, that's kind of neat that these elders are watching out, you know, like, well, let's be purposeful with how we send people. And he said, Yeah, you're gonna go to Venezuela and your whole job the whole time, is to watch David most Belch and you're gonna see how they minister and see how they serve. So I said, Okay, he said, nobody else had the team knows that. That's your job. I said, Okay. And we had a really fun team, a big team that year, and we knew that that was the last team that was going to be sent to Venezuela. So it was a privilege to be able to go out Again, that different culture was completely different from Kazakhstan and Pakistan. And so when I came back, they said, Okay, so now next year, you're gonna go to Tenerife. And I had never even heard of that. Most people say, where's that? But the church had a plan for how they were going to start a church in Tenerife. And the missions pastor had, he said, Ask your boss at work at the airport to give you a year off. And I said, okay, but he's gonna say no. But he said, I want you to ask, so I went, and when asked him, and he said, six months. So when I came back, I said, six months, so they're like, that's what we're looking for. So I was amazed. Everyone at work was amazed, like, how did you do that? But it has been a blessing to see God in the details. So that was when the church started in Tenerife in 2007, summer of 2007. And I was able to be there for the first six months.

    Nathan Thiry 11:00
    And tell us how that transpired. How did faith vouchers get involved in David Lewis built specifically in planting a church in Tenerife?

    Natalie Widman 11:08
    Right, so David, David Lewis had spent many years serving in Venezuela. And their missions agency was closing Venezuela because it had been considered in a good spot, spiritually, that there were churches that were growing. And one of the men Luis, from one of those churches in Venezuela had moved to ternary fame and was in contact with Dave, and asking him, he said, there's a need for Bible teaching churches here on the north side of the island of Tenerife. And so 2006 There was a team that went to Tenerife, a couple of the pastors here from Fifth Level church and some of the missionaries, and some from Venezuela. And they went to Tenerife. And they talked with many of the pastors in Tenerife, to confirm and to ask, is there really a need for a Bible teaching Church on the north side of the island? And they didn't say yes. So they were excited about seeing that it really is a need. And as they continue with planning, they decided to send a team from Venezuela, and a team from here from faith Bible Church, in the summer of 2007, to be there, and start an outreach in the community and have the first Sunday service. So we were there for the Sunday service. Wow. Yeah. And that was the team that first team from here with the Gammons and the DNS and myself.

    Nathan Thiry 12:39
    So you were there in 2007. The budget, I think, end up moving there in 2009. Right. I think so then Julie, and I, our family moved there in 2010. Yes. And then you ended up coming after that, and tell us how that transpired. So from 2007 and 2012, when you got there, what what happened? How did God lead you to go serve full time as a missionary in Tenerife?

    Natalie Widman 13:00
    Well, I was enjoying the summer teams. And so after 2007, I just continued going back because I had those contexts in Tenerife. I started working here at the church as a part time secretary to the missions pastor. And one of those meetings. Larry Clark was the missions pastor at that time. And he's kind of silly and joking. And he in one of those meetings, he said, Okay, I want you to call this person and I want you to buy this ticket. And he goes, Oh, there was one other thing that we wanted you to do. And I was just taking notes. And he's like, oh, yeah, now I remember it, pack your bag and move to Tenerife. Wow. Oh, like, what? And so funny. It's so funny. I look back because people were like, how did you know like, how did you decide to go to Tenerife? And I said, I really didn't. I was so sent. No one even asked me if I wanted to go, wow. So in January of 2012, that's when I went to live there.

    Nathan Thiry 13:57
    Were you excited to move or were you like, well, I guess I have to obey the Lord, I'll go do this. I don't want to.

    Natalie Widman 14:03
    I was very excited because I could see the need for missions and I was excited about keeping up close relationships, especially with the youth in the church.

    Nathan Thiry 14:10
    So you were there in starting 2012? What was your focus initially when you got to Tenerife?

    Natalie Widman 14:16
    Well, I was spending a lot of most of the time with the girls that were youth, and some of the kids and I knew that I was available for like English classes in any kind of creating context and community. But my attention was on the youth and spending time with those girls.

    Nathan Thiry 14:37
    Were there was there a lot of language and culture learning you had to do? Yes. How was that for you?

    Natalie Widman 14:42
    I'm going to be learning Spanish for the rest of my life. I was learning Spanish and getting to know the culture and getting to know the people it was it's always been a learning process. I've made many silly mistakes are very laughable and end up being good Ways to meet people because they like, Oh, my goodness, what did you just say?

    Nathan Thiry 15:04
    That's great. Tell us about some of the challenges that the 20th team had to overcome in the beginning and kind of the early years that you were there. And how you saw God Help help you all with that?

    Natalie Widman 15:15
    Well, they knew they wanted to do some evangelism in the community. Because they had seen that in Venezuela, and they knew that it worked. And so they were asking for permission to be in the plaza, to just have a time of minimal to sing songs and serve the kids and have some crafts, but with a with a clear gospel message. And the town hall didn't know exactly what that was think they only had seen the Catholic Church. So who are these people that were coming from outside, and why would give them permission to be in the plaza. So for those first couple years, that the church had a team, they're from Venezuela and from Spokane. And they, they were ready to do this outreach. But they couldn't get the permission to be in the plaza to be in the middle of Santo Ursula. So those first couple years, they they did the impacto outreach in the church building that they were renting. And in a couple of other cities that were nearby, because they had given permission. And so I think there was some, some distrust, just because there's two groups that didn't know each other.

    Nathan Thiry 16:41
    Yeah. So how has how has that relationship progressed in terms of the the church and others learning community and the government? And have you all seen God working in that situation?

    Natalie Widman 16:51
    I think it was like the grace of God. And building trust over a couple of years, two or three years, where the, the town hall could see like, Okay, you guys, we understand what you're trying to do. Let's, let's try it, see if it lets you see if it works. Ironically, the plaza in Santa wersal is right in front of the Town Hall. So they are looking directly at what was going on. So once they saw that it was no threat, and that parents liked to go and attend with their kids and that it was very, you know, easy to, to go and be a part of what's going on. And they were given me coffee and, and free dessert. The power of food, yeah. And that people in the community desired to be there. Then after that it has hadn't been an issue.

    Nathan Thiry 17:43
    Tell us that you've you've had a front row seat and been very directly involved with the church being established and growing. Tell us how you've seen the church and centers grow over the last 1112 years.

    Natalie Widman 17:54
    It's exciting to watch because each person that you see, that's a believer is a miracle. And it's just the grace of God that has touched their lives. When you remember that. And you see like, this is amazing that anyone here are believers. It's inspiring to be bold with the gospel. And to think like, wow, this is an adventure because it's like, we don't know who God's gonna choose. And you have this privilege to be on the front lines and, and seeing what God's plan is. It's been great to see, you know, in the beginning, it was just we were just trying to invite people to church. And so now a few years later, to see a Men's Ministry and a women's ministry and a youth ministry, just as last year, even an older youth ministry and a younger youth ministry and a couple's Bible study. And it's, it's been a blessing to see what God's doing in each life. And to see them step up in desiring to serve and with her own ideas, of how we can encourage one another, to obey the Lord. But when it comes from them, it's really exciting to see.

    Nathan Thiry 19:06
    I tell us some of those specific stories that maybe one or two examples of how you've seen God's grace at work in people's lives over the last years.

    Natalie Widman 19:14
    There was one time this was about six years ago, there was a girl in the church named Joseph muddy. And she had been studying the Bible with a lady in the church years before and she had a planted seed of like, oh, maybe this is true. She was living with her boyfriend. And they had been living together for for a few years. And she, she and I had started a Bible study. And she got to the point where she said, Natalie, I think, I think that I need to be a believer. I think I need to take this seriously. And I think I need a break up with my boyfriend. And so I was excited to see her desire to step out in obedience. And a couple weeks later, she had said my sister She is who's living in the south side of the island is being really rebellious. And my mom was gonna send her to live with me for a little bit. So just mighty shared the gospel with her. And she accepted the Lord right away. So just mighty came to me and she said, I've shared the gospel with my boyfriend so many times, and he does not want to know the Lord. But I share it once with my sister, and she said, she wants to follow the Lord. And I said, Yeah, we just couldn't continue. Because it gets, you know, praying. And so she had just gotten to the point where she's like, Okay, I'm gonna, I'm going to break up with him. And I was maybe the only one who knew that. And we went to go find him. And he was going to meet us somewhere, he was coming to pick her up. And while he was waiting for us, he was outside the church building. One of the men in the church shared the gospel with him. And he accepted the Lord. And he showed fruit right away. And they stopped living together. And then he asked her to marry her. And then they got married. And so it was cool. It was just all happened in just a few months, that she became a believer, her sister became a believer. And then her boyfriend became a believer, and to see her husband in the plaza, the summer after, in impacto, serving, where, before he was in the corner of the plaza with, you know, doing drugs with some of his friends, he was there serving the Lord, while his friends were in the corner. And it was such a drastic turnaround, of seeing the grace of God in his life. So and they're still part of the church, all three of them are serving. So it has been a blessing to see. That's amazing. Yeah. And then, five years ago, maybe we were in the impact though.

    Nathan Thiry 21:49
    When you say impact on people with that.

    Natalie Widman 21:51
    Impact, there was like a, an outreach that David Lewis had started using in, in Venezuela, they were using it to invite kids and families to a like a day camp, where they will hear gospel, the gospel message in here Bible stories, and do crafts and sing songs and play sports. And so it was just a way to have an excuse to serve the community and, and slip in some Bible truth. And the first day of one of the impactos, in Tenerife, it started to rain and we had the sound equipment there. So in the middle of you kind of thinking, you want to be outside you want to be reaching people, we didn't know who's who was going to come. And I was waiting for the elders to just like make a final decision if what we're going to do. They said, Okay, let's go back to the church building for right now. And we'll just invite everybody to come with us. In my head. I thought, no one except for the church, people are going to come. But Diana, one of the older youth, she yelled really loud, like, everybody come in, let's go down to the church building. And there was a girl, one of the ladies yummy that who had a little girl who was four. And she followed us down there. And by the end of the week, had become unbeliever. And she had invited her husband, to, to come to, he said the first he's like they're giving away free desserts. He's like, they're just giving it away. That was impactful for him. And he started meeting with one of the elders and his wife, Jorge and Adrianna. And a few months later, he became unbeliever. So now this year, he started, they're training him to preach. And he's, yeah, he's preached a few times. And he's studying the word studying how to accurately say the word with one of the other elders and yummy and that is working with accounting with the church and helping out with administration. So it's been, it's been neat because they see the grace of God in their lives. And they're very quick to talk about how different they were before they knew Christ.

    Nathan Thiry 24:10
    So encouraging. So in 2012, you went to Tenerife. At the same time, our citizens slim of Alaska's who were serving the church in theory, Venezuela moves to Tenerife. And they eventually, along with the All Blacks who had been in southern slums started planning a church in a day in the South.

    Natalie Widman 24:30
    August of 2015. Okay,

    Nathan Thiry 24:33
    so there were a newer church plant that started in 2015, and a day in the south and so there's the church plants continued on, and 2017 David Lewis belch left Tenerife, right. Yes, I think he came back to to Spokane, not really to retire, although that's what officially they said they were doing. I think they're busier than they are doing so much ministry, but including in Tenerife, and lots of other places. Tell us about the leadership. Now what happened in 2010 Muntean and kind of what's been going on in terms of establishing the church where a lot, a lot of ways talking about turning up elders and raising leadership for the church, as well as equipping the whole church. So what have you seen God doing in terms of the leadership there? It's not there. So, since David Lewis left in 2017, it's been encouraging

    Natalie Widman 25:17
    to see how they have. They're looking ahead. They're looking at where else can there be a church, they're looking at how can we choose men in the church to train up and they're purposely meeting with them and studying with them. And Dahveed, one of the elders in the sun north, Allah, regularly visits a day in the south, it's only about an hour away, to encourage them and meet with those guides. So there's three elders in the north, and the three elders in the south. And they are very purposeful in encouraging one another. And they're going through books, they're going through cities, they're meeting regularly. They're praying, you've gone a few times to encourage them. They've also gone a few times encouraged. And it's like Paul, it's like Paul, returning to the churches to encourage. So they're, they are excited to see how they can be used. And they're looking for areas in Tenerife and in Spain, to for ideas for where churches could be planted. And they're encouraging other pastors as well. to cling to the word and see the word as sufficient.

    Nathan Thiry 26:36
    Yeah, as as what's efficient. Yeah, God's word, not human strategy, or philosophy or right some technique of church growth. It's it's really faithfully within God's word and teaching God's word and discipling others to do the same. Yeah, it's been cool to see from a distance, just how God's used the elders in the church in Santa Rosa and elders in the church in the day, as well as David Lewis, to encourage lots of churches around Tenerife and in the other Canary Islands, as well as in mainland Spain, towards faithful ministry. Yeah, and you've been helping facilitate that. And you've been kind of the super Deacon s helping all this ministry happen, facilitating and really partnering well with the elders. I love seeing like you're having people over on Sundays, with one of the other families to facilitate that shepherding and hospitality and just being a huge blessing that way. But tell us more about what are some of the weekly activities you're involved in, as people think about you serving in Tenerife? And what does it look like these days for you as far as your kind of normal routines and activities you're doing for ministry,

    Natalie Widman 27:37
    right, I'm trying to also encourage some of the ladies that are leading, there's two ladies that a leading the women's Bible study. So I meet with them, encourage them, but they're, they're ticking off. So it's, it's, it's great to see them go with their plan and, and to be at that weekly, women study and to see them encourage one another. And like you said before, create that culture of discipleship and purposeful conversation where they can see like, let's be real and not surfacey. Let's really, truly care for one another. We have a weekly youth meeting. And we're all together. And then we split up for the older the older youth and younger youth just because they'll talk more if they're with their same age. And, and that has required the guys to prepare a little bit more, but it's been great to see them step up to be available. And then there's a discipleship with the younger girls that are 1213 1415 years old. So I've been working with a couple of the older youth, and just showing them like this is what life on life looks like and just praying for them and seeing they definitely do have this interest in they're the ones had seen like we need to be invested in these girls, and praying for them and being in the Word. And so last year, we went through the book of James and now they're, they're excited to be teaching as these girls go through. I'm not sure what I think they're gonna go through proverbs this year, but to see their hearts for investing and for reaching out to the to these girls and their families to encourage them to with the word and show them that there's a different way to live. There's a monthly men's breakfast and study that that Dahveed is leading and they eat. There's food there too. Every once in a while there's a potluck after church to create some fellowship. There are monthly workshops that go on the theology workshops on a Saturday afternoon and it coincides with the kids club. So that that encourages them like bring your kids they can go to the kids club and while the kids Learn about the Bible and you guys can be studying theology together with the other adults. So it's, you know, along along with all of the casual stuff, like, Let's go on a hike or let's go eat or Let's go drink coffee. It's, it's been encouraging to see the amount of people who desire to be together, they can see, you know, definitely a fellowship, that's not the same as what's happening in the world. And they definitely cling to one another when they have prayer requests, like, you know, help me get through this. Help me, help me have eternalize and look to the cross in the middle of his trial. And yeah, that's been good.

    Nathan Thiry 30:42
    That's great. Tell us about the kind of the status of the churches in South Wrestling today, as far as how many people are coming home people are members.

    Natalie Widman 30:50
    Yeah, and centaurs, there are about 80 members. But with everyone together and their kids, there's 110 120 that are on Sunday morning, just last Sunday, they started another membership. Class, and Dahveed was telling me that there's nine people signed up for that so well, they're excited. They're encouraged in the day, they have 30 to 40 on a Sunday morning, I guess I'm not sure about how many members they have. But just a couple of weeks ago, they had another baptism. They have the baptisms in the ocean, they go down to the beach, and it's been a good time of fellowship and lunch, you know, lunch picnic, and three others just got baptized. So it's encouraging. It's great. Yeah,

    Nathan Thiry 31:35
    definitely better baptistry than we do here. Yeah. So excited wave sometimes just do it. Right. Do it for a year love the person down.

    Natalie Widman 31:41
    So yeah, it's a little crazy.

    Nathan Thiry 31:44
    Yeah, that's good. Tell us about what you like to do for fun. So sounds like you'd like to hang out people a lot. But what else? What else do you like to do for fun,

    Natalie Widman 31:53
    I do like to hang out with people. I'll just, I'll, I'll read or I'll find a place that I, if, like a new coffee shop, I think that's the American in me, like I like to sit in a coffee shop, and read or journal. If I need to know just recharge, I think it's funny because for them, it's like, Oh, I'm gonna go, it's a social thing. I'll go to you know, you go to coffee to talk with somebody. So like, I just went by myself, or hanging out with people. Like,

    Nathan Thiry 32:24
    that's great. Tell us how we can be praying for you. And also I got a hug, we were praying for the church, and that you're working with

    Natalie Widman 32:30
    that I would find my strength in the Lord, that I would prioritize. It's easy to fill your time. And there's things that are good, and there's things that are better. And there's things that are best. I want to choose what is best and be where the Lord wants me to be. So the sermon and wisdom and who I'm spending time with, of course, the focus is to make disciples who are making disciples. So those, you know, where the attention is going to be on people who are going to turn around and serve others. So yeah, wisdom on who those people are for the church. I think that there's a lot of prayer requests that would be similar to all other churches, it'd be great if men are, you know, stepping up to be servant leaders, and that the women continue this culture of discipleship, that there's priority in the church meetings and in the church events, and that there's a desire with integrity to be serving one another. And that we're the culture and the Bible seemed to be clashing, that they would choose what the Bible says and step out in faith and obey the Lord. So I know that the elders are thinking about church planting in the future and where that would be on the island. So wisdom and discernment for them, and that they would continue in unity and humility, in serving and leading the church.

    Nathan Thiry 34:01
    It's great. Well, thank you so much for taking time to talk with us today. So thank you for faithfully serving the Lord and being an extension of a Bible Church in Tenerife. We're very thankful for you.

    Natalie Widman 34:10
    It's a privilege faith Bible Church is so wonderful church. Thank you Natalie.

    Dan Jarms 34:25
    It is always a joy to hear from Natalie Widman. She is so energetic and so fun. And so self deprecating she is she's the best and may or may not have worn silly hats with Nathan during part of this interview. It wouldn't be Natalie Whitman if we didn't have silly hats. If you want to follow Natalie more, you can go to our website And we have our global partners and she'll be on the list. It's a great way for you to know all of our global partners. You can click on hers get more information. We've followed her newsletter for years as a supporter of hers. So if you want to do that, please go on to website Any other questions? Of course you can reach out to And you could follow up more 

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Nathan Thiry is the Growth Groups & Outreach Pastor at Faith Bible Church. He enjoys biking and outdoor activities, and has a passion to see the gospel spread throughout our community and the whole world!

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