In Case You Weren’t Aware

Ephesians 6:11-12

In Case You Weren’t Aware
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If we are going to stand against the schemes of the devil, we need to be aware of what he is like.

In any feat of competition, battle, or contest, a contender is wise to be knowledgeable of their opponent. If Christians have an adversary, shouldn’t we be so wise? Shouldn’t we know the enemy’s schemes and character? Scripture says so.

Our adversary, the devil, is amazingly effective at making lies believable, sin desirable, temptation unavoidable, and error irresistible. In this message we seek to become more familiar with our enemy, so that we may stand in the evil day.

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Jared Millican

Jared is pastor over the College Ministry at Faith Bible Church. He and his wife, Claire, have one son and one daughter. He recently received his M.Div from The Master's Seminary and desires to serve as missionary in the future!

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