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Faith in Five: Reaching Out to Our Neighborhood

Posted by Nathan Thiry on February 12, 2023
Faith in Five: Reaching Out to Our Neighborhood
Aerial photo of the neighborhood around Faith Bible Church's campus.

As part of the Faith in Five Initiative, the elders are praying that everyone who lives within five minutes of Faith Bible Church will know where our church gathers and why we gather. We want them to know that we have forgiveness, power to change, and hope in Christ.

Part of how the church is pursuing this initiative is through nine Sunday door hanger events March 19 through June 25. We have created door hangers that tell about our church and the hope we have in Christ. Over time, we plan to put them on the doors of all our neighbors within a five-minute drive from Faith Bible Church. This project will take several years, but we are excited to see what God will do through this initiative.

One thing we pray is that by going door to door, we will grow as a church in our heart for evangelism. As you walk together with one or two other members of Faith to distribute door hangers and possibly talk to people about Christ, we will encourage and strengthen each other in our love for Christ and for others who are living without Him.

This map represents the approximate area that is within five minutes of Faith Bible Church’s campus.

All Faith members are welcome to come to any or all of these events, but we are inviting each Growth Group to come to one of them. Our hope is that at least some from each of these groups will be able to come on the assigned week. Some people may not be able to participate because of schedules, health or other concerns; those who are unable to go door to door may gather at church to pray while others are going out. Those who deem it appropriate for their families may bring their children with them.

At each Sunday door hanger event, participants will gather in the Reception Room shortly after second service. You are encouraged to bring your lunch to eat together from 12:15-12:45. During that half-hour, you will hear some encouragement to proclaim the good news of Christ from God’s Word. There will also be equipping for how to talk with people you encounter who want to talk with you. At 12:45, you will get door hangers and directions for which houses each team of two or three people will be visiting. Around 2:00 pm, each team will wrap up and bring back unused resources to the church building.

The Growth Groups invited for each date are listed below. Check with your Growth Group leader if you don’t know your group’s name. Again, all Faith members are welcome to come to any or all of the events.

Spring 2023 Door Hanger Events

March 19, 2023

Amland, NW Terrace/9-Mile, Country Homes, Waikiki

April 2, 2023

Doxa, Bear Lake, Green Acres, Hilliard Hill on Zoom

April 16, 2023

Cowgerama, Graham/Erbeznik, West Wellesley

April 30, 2023

Kopp, Carter, Dougherty, McEachran

May 7, 2023

Indian Trail, Schwarz, Writebol, Hughes/Demmert, Sousa

May 21, 2023

5-Mile Plaza, Colbert, Manito Golf

June 4, 2023

Youth Staff, Post College, Minehaha, South Hill

June 25, 2023

Lincoln Heights, Ward, West Plains, SouthEast

Nathan Thiry

Nathan Thiry is the Growth Groups & Outreach Pastor at Faith Bible Church. He enjoys biking and outdoor activities, and has a passion to see the gospel spread throughout our community and the whole world!

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