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Someone You Should Know: Isaac Heyn

Posted by Chris Tornquist on October 4, 2023
Someone You Should Know: Isaac Heyn
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In the first episode of our new Someone You Should Know series, Chris Tornquist interviews Faith member Isaac Heyn. 

In this series Chris interviews Faith members to help us get to know them, see how God is working in their lives, and make new connections within our community. 

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  • Dan Jarms 0:00
    Today on faith matters, we are introducing a new series called someone you should know. Chris Tornquist is going to be interviewing different members of faith Bible Church. And first up today we're going to hear from Isaac Heyn.

    Dan Jarms 0:19
    I'm Dan Jarms. And you're listening to Faith Matters a podcast to help update you on matters of faith Bible Church, as well as equip you in matters of the Christian faith.

    Chris Tornquist 0:48
    This is Chris turnquist really thrilled today to have Isaac with us. Thanks for

    Isaac Heyn 0:53
    having me, Chris. appreciate you inviting me on the podcast.

    Chris Tornquist 0:59
    One of the things that people want to know is they look at your name in the directory how to pronounce your last name. Well, tine

    Isaac Heyn 1:05
    H-E-Y-N Heyn Okay.

    Chris Tornquist 1:07
    Very good. It's almost as good as turnquist where people look at it, and they're just not sure how it goes. Yeah, yeah, I get Hane a lot. What's what's background of that name?

    Isaac Heyn 1:18
    Is a German name. That's all we know about comes from Germany. Who knows if that's how they pronounced it. But as far as I know, from the ancestry, Henry Hein, and it was Henrik. But when he got to Ellis Island in 1906, I believe there might have been a little before that. He just wrote down Henry. Interesting. Yeah, interesting. But I found his Lutheran baptism record from some church in Germany in the 1800s. It was Heinrich

    Chris Tornquist 1:47
    well those German Lutherans Yeah, absolutely won't hold you know something about them. I know something about this guy's Absolutely. What was talking about you a little bit. Let's get some basic background. Tell me where you're born. Raised your family background and current family just go down that road a

    Isaac Heyn 2:03
    minute. Okay. Well, born and raised in Spokane, all my family's from Spokane. Back a whole generation, one generation. My grandparents were from Oklahoma on my mother's side. So they ended up here. And I was telling you about the hind family. They've been here farmers in the area for four to five generations now. So yeah, born and raised here. Child of a divorce family. My parents had a divorce when my brother and I were young. So grew up in that world of Australia. I was probably four and my brother was really yeah, really young. Yeah. And oddly enough, they always got along really well. And were very gracious. So as far as divorce family goes, I'm pretty blessed to have parents that get along. And there wasn't too much trouble with that. But yeah, that's my background. So now I went to high school in north Spokane Meade High School. Okay. And I've got six brothers and sisters between everyone on both sides. Wow. So yeah, okay. Current family. Current family. I'm married to my wife, Cody hein. And we have three daughters, Alice Hazel and Ruth ages. Hazel is eight. Alice is three and Ruth is two.

    Chris Tornquist 3:14
    Well, I'm passes for you pass that test? Almost. Almost. No, that's good. I threw you a curveball. And now under, so meet high school. Anything beyond that? Should you go to do any college?

    Isaac Heyn 3:27
    I'm glad. Yes. Yeah, I'm in college right now. So I graduated from Mead in 2014. And I'm 27 and went straight to the construction industry. And that's what I do. And a couple years ago said, Hey, I need to go back and finish my AAA. So finished that up last year, and just started actually next week. First class for my last year working on my Bachelor's, which is a management degree. Wow. So from where Spokane Falls Community College. So we'll finish that underfoot. And then I haven't decided what I'm going to do next. But I don't think I'll ever stop with some form of education. But

    Chris Tornquist 4:05
    you learned either formally or informally all your life. Let me tell you on that one. Yeah. So construction. Tell me more about that. What you do what what takes up your time, Monday through Friday, and sometimes more?

    Isaac Heyn 4:16
    Yeah, well, a little background talking about family. Farmer construction family, so goes back generations, all my my dad, all my grandparents, they were superintendents for various companies in Oklahoma, and then here in Spokane, so my grandfather on my mother's side, he worked for a large commercial contractor in town since the 80s. And so after high school, I went straight into that did that for eight to nine years and then I said you know what, I just don't think this is for me. I like the work but the business of it just kind of I just had enough so I was thankful for them. They're great people. But I went out on my own with a partner so we just do contracting now my own small company. Mostly subcontract work in the same arena specialty in a particular structural concrete. Okay. And then also doors and trim. So it may seem like an odd combination, but in the commercial world, they kind of go together. So, general carpentry type stuff.

    Chris Tornquist 5:15
    Very good, very good. And it puts food on the table and you said you like it? Yeah,

    Isaac Heyn 5:19
    we like it. We've been going pretty strong for two years now on our own and it it affords a little bit more flexibility. I spend more time with my kids than I did before. And I have other interests to then spend some time

    Chris Tornquist 5:33
    about in school about where were you involved with high school anything beyond academics? Played a little football? What position

    Isaac Heyn 5:40
    tight end okay, yeah. And then on defense, but never took it real far. You know, it wasn't a star anything. tried running start that I guess that's my claim to fame as I did the Running Start in high school and it didn't go too well. Okay. And then here I am finishing my degree going. I've got to deal with these old grades.

    Chris Tornquist 6:00
    Things that come back to the things that come back to us

    Isaac Heyn 6:03
    in high school, I was more concerned with working okay, I worked at a restaurant 40 hours a week from the time I was 15. I just wanted to work.

    Chris Tornquist 6:10
    Was there subjects that you've liked, though? And then high school? What What are your favorite one?

    Isaac Heyn 6:15
    always enjoyed history? Okay. Yeah. philosophical discussion, those types of things.

    Chris Tornquist 6:20
    Well, let's switch here to things that church and faith Bible Church, how long you've been coming to faith?

    Isaac Heyn 6:25
    Oh, it'd be about a year and a half. Little more. It was good Friday service of last year was the first time I attended.

    Chris Tornquist 6:33
    Good to have your round. Tell me about your involvement. What's going on that you're plugged into right now?

    Isaac Heyn 6:38
    Well, right now, while I became baptized, and became a member last year, I really just connected in with your class, the fundamentals of the faith, went through that with you all last year. And it was just such a wonderful blessing on my life. And I just really loved it. And then you approached me and said, hey, you know, you want to sit on on this class and, and maybe see where that goes, just helping you out. So that's really where I'm plugging in right now. And there's, there's other things I'm considering too, but

    Chris Tornquist 7:07
    it's good to have you in there. And I know it's been a significant time has been significant for us. As you think about your general time at Faith Bible Church. What have you appreciated the most?

    Isaac Heyn 7:20
    Well, the first thing that comes to mind is the commitment to expository preaching. That just the overall teaching at the church is stunning to me. It's not something that I have seen elsewhere. And I do have a limited experience with churches, but just the amount of people that know what they're talking about in the time they put into it is so evident, you included like what you did with the men's breakfast,

    Chris Tornquist 7:44
    and here's the dollar. That is one of the counterfeit dollars is one of the counterfeit dollars yeah, for counterfeit 100. For for saying that. So let's move on to spiritual background for you. Tell me about background having to do with churches having to do with faith, your journey to Christ, how that happened?

    Isaac Heyn 8:03
    Well, like I've discussed before, I grew up in a divorce family, and we were nominally Christian. So I probably saw the inside of a church 10 times.

    Chris Tornquist 8:11
    So Christian, in name Christian and Namie. And you weren't Buddhist, you weren't Hindu? So you must have been Christian,

    Isaac Heyn 8:17
    something like that. Okay. Yeah. You know, typical mid 2000s. Christianity in America. So that's how I grew up. But there was always one influence for Christ in my life, and my granny on my dad's side, and she just loves Jesus and is a true follower. And so she was always an influence for Christ with us. But she was so tactful in it, because it wasn't pushy. It wasn't, you know, beaten the Bible over your head. It was, hey, you know, Jesus loves you. And here's let me explain this Bible story to you. Can I take you to church with me on Easter? Wow, those kinds of things. So in the long term that paid off for her and for me, because I ended up just getting the wheels spinning and ended up coming to Christ. So

    Chris Tornquist 9:02
    what what each what would you what would you point back to the time you really came and made a commitment to the Lord?

    Isaac Heyn 9:07
    Well, I wasn't really that long ago. I'm 27. Now I'd say 20, probably 2324. I'm not one of those people that has a aha moment that I can remember. But it definitely did happen over time. I actually think it was probably during all the COVID stuff that I really started to realize the worldview I had and the philosophies I was subscribing to, didn't really hold up. You know, you get a little bit older past the teenage years where you just know everything, and it's so easy. You start questioning things and and so even

    Chris Tornquist 9:41
    though you couldn't put a date on it, and I'm not big on that, you have to have a date on it. There certainly was a definitive time where you knew that you embraced Christ. Yes. During a period of time in your life. Yes. Yeah. That wasn't there before. That

    Isaac Heyn 9:56
    wasn't there before. Yeah. And there was a time leading up to that as well. Oh, where things were changing, you know, I found all the media I was consuming it was Grace To You desiring God Ligonier I just realized that I was learning about the faith for the first time from people who are practitioners the faith Nam what unbelievers say about the faith. Gotcha. And I started learning just by listening the different doctrines, the different groups of people within Christianity and what what they believe in. And I just had an interest in it as a worldview more from an academic perspective, and then assimilating those worldviews into my views so that I felt more secure. But then there was a time and I actually remember, I read Romans through for the first time. And by the time I finished that book, I had to I knew I had to go to church. Well, and I think looking back, not that I know that day, but that, for me is the turning point. Because four years ago, if you're not going to see me in church on Sunday, that's crazy. I'm not the type of person that goes to church. So when I told my wife, hey, I think we need to find a church and start going to church. She's What What are you talking about? Wow, we're going we've never been to church, why did you meet somebody is are you trying to see a friend? Or I said, No, I just want to be with God's people. So looking back, that I think that was the change,

    Chris Tornquist 11:21
    and goes back to a godly, faithful, loving grandmother, who, you know, prayed for you on a regular basis, cared about you, and look at the influence of a grandma, and the life of somebody, grandmas who are listening to what you pour into your grandkids don't diminish that. Oh, is that critical? So is that important on that one? Yeah. Well, as you learn, as you're growing down at this point in your spiritual life, what would you say the things that the Lord is teaching you going there, a couple of areas are things that he's put a finger on that says, Isaac here, let's get down this road a little more?

    Isaac Heyn 12:07
    Well, the first thing that comes to mind is the faith is a lot more than information. It's a lot more than knowing things. And having, you know, in Scripture, when it talks about being puffed up with pride, well, Christ wants you to walk with Him through life, and apply it all in your heart and in your life. It's not just knowing information, we need to do it, as well. So as time has gone on, I talk to you about when I first started learning about these things, it was very academic. And then I then I realized, actually, not only is it academic, it's true. It's really true. Okay, so now I believe in Christ now, what does that mean for my life, what things need to change? And I'm just so encouraged as you start to see those pillars, those dominoes of sin in your life just start to come down. Bing, bing, bing, and it's not perfect. I still struggle, but I am so much farther than I was. And I'm just praising God for that. So

    Chris Tornquist 13:08
    you're seeing some victories in areas of life, some victories? Wow. Isn't that fun? It is, as you look back, whether it's six months or six years, as you get older, but you say, Lord, what you've done in my life, it's just kind of amazing. And isn't it interesting, the route that he puts us on to get us there. And the route is not always a very easy one is No, and I know you've had some challenges in your life, I know that in chatting with you. And you can only look back and say, I didn't know what you're doing at the time. But look what you were doing. Yeah. And so it's a stunning thing. If you would say that there are willing to share maybe the biggest struggle or one of the struggles things you're wrestling with right now in your spiritual life is willing to share one of those.

    Isaac Heyn 14:01
    Well, I share two. Okay, the first one is we talked about my grandmother and and the beautiful lesson of that. Well, the flip side of that coin is learning that. I can't save anybody. Even those closest to me, who I have the most pull with who I would like to think I can convince them of anything. It's not up to me. Absolutely. I can present them the Romans road 10 times. It's God who has to soften their heart and turn

    Chris Tornquist 14:33
    them to him. That's been for you to kind of accept and that's been

    Isaac Heyn 14:37
    a struggle just given that you're the Lord and saying, Hey, I'm here. I believe you've got me, please, you know, praying for these other people that I care about. It's not up to me, okay. So I just pray about it. And that day will come. I will be over the moon praising God for it but allowing him to have that power with She's only his.

    Chris Tornquist 15:00
    That's a good one. You said he had another one.

    Isaac Heyn 15:03
    The second one is when you go through hard things in life we just had my family just had a really rough one this week we got hit by a truck. Figuratively, literally, yeah, but emotionally Sure. And just being able to praise God through that. And that doesn't take it away. It's, it sucks. But

    Chris Tornquist 15:26
    as you've heard me say, 10 million times pain hurts. It hurts. Yeah. Pain hurts. Oh, yeah. Well, we want to pray for you about that one on that. So that would be something, of course that we can ask people to pray for is just for some emotional encouragement, spiritual encouragement. With that going through a tough time right now. Anything else that we can ask people to pray for?

    Isaac Heyn 15:51
    I don't think so. That would be that would be that would not be the boiler. That's

    Chris Tornquist 15:55
    a big one. Yeah. And I think that would take up more time. Well, thank you so much, Isaac, appreciate you willing to take the time to meet with us here to chat about us a little more. Isaac was one of those people that you need to know and we appreciate you listening in today.

    Isaac Heyn 16:09
    Thanks for having me, Chris.

    Dan Jarms 16:17
    I always love hearing stories about what God's doing at our in our members at Faith Bible Church. And, you know, as a pastor and elder, we're often talking about what we're doing and what we're excited about. And we should, and we're often instructing and teaching but it's just so sweet to hear that God is working in so many people. God is working Jesus is working, he's always working. So I hope that encourages you. Continue to give us some feedback about that. And if you have somebody you think Chris should interview you can let us know at

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