Someone You Should Know: Katie Meyers

Posted by Chris Tornquist & Katie Meyers on October 18, 2023
Someone You Should Know: Katie Meyers
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In our Someone You Should Know series, Chris Tornquist interviews Faith members to help us get to know them, see how God is working in their lives, and make new connections within our community. In this episode we get to know Katie Meyers.

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  • Dan Jarms 0:00
    Today on faith matters, we have another edition of someone you should know. Chris Tornquist interviews Katie Meyers.

    Dan Jarms 0:13
    I'm Dan Jarms. And you're listening to faith matters a podcast to help update you on matters of faith Bible Church, as well as equip you in matters of the Christian faith.

    Chris Tornquist 0:42
    Hi, this is Chris Tornquist. And it's a real privilege today. I have with me here, Katie Meyers. Hi, Dave. Hi. Hey, good to have you here. Thanks for taking the time to be with us. Well, we're just going to find out about you. And you're somebody that people need to know at faith. So let's just start with the basics. Tell me about where you're born, raise family, some of that stuff.

    Katie Meyers 1:08
    All right. Well, I'm adopted from India. And I have a sister who's also adopted from Latin America. We've been going to FPC forever. Forever. That's a long time. Not forever, necessarily. But some of you I always joke because for years, you know, my mom teaches in Sunday school and all these things and you kind of go Oh, yep, I'm not. You know, I'm that girl. So

    Chris Tornquist 1:34
    So Burt makes me almost your entire life. You've been? You've been at Faith? Yes. Since

    Katie Meyers 1:38
    we started. So very good. So

    Chris Tornquist 1:40
    whose mom

    Katie Meyers 1:41
    Maggie Meyers. And she's teaching in kindergarten this year?

    Chris Tornquist 1:45
    Well, so you grew up in Spokane? Yes. And what school did you go to?

    Katie Meyers 1:49
    So I went to the Oaks for a bit. And then I went to Valley Christian, which is where I graduated from very

    Chris Tornquist 1:57
    good. What was your favorite topic? And subject in school, high school

    Katie Meyers 2:01
    English, English and writing?

    Chris Tornquist 2:05
    So did you have you thinking about maybe you want to write things later? And

    Katie Meyers 2:10
    yes, actually, that will come in a little bit later. Absolutely.

    Chris Tornquist 2:13
    You bet. And I kind of I know the story a little bit, and we'll kind of get to that. As you think about those years in junior high, high school. Boy, there are things when I think about mind that standout both for the up and the down. What were some ups, what were some things they did in high school, you said, Boy, that was fun. I really enjoyed that.

    Katie Meyers 2:33
    I really enjoyed my teachers. Good. Well, Harry, very much. So every one of them. They were just, they were good teachers. They really worried they cared about you as a student. They cared about you academically, spiritually, and just wanted you to be you want to do it was just, I'm so thankful for my teachers,

    Chris Tornquist 2:56
    activities. Did you were involved in anything?

    Katie Meyers 3:00
    Well, so I'm actually a classically trained singer, and sang with a local children's course here in town. We had some opportunities to go to Europe, and we sang, we sang in Italy. We went to France and England one summer, and we also went to the Czech Republic, my goodness, as well as Austria.

    Chris Tornquist 3:23
    So what a thrill to be able to do that. So you were here from India? And that's been a journey. I know, all in itself, too, even though you came, I think as a baby, if I remember. Right. So all you've known is America. Yes. But at the same time, knowing that you were born in India, that's interesting. Curious about your background and all of that. That's probably been some interesting thinking over the years as

    Katie Meyers 3:51
    Yeah, a little bit. It was kind of interesting, because when we adopted my sister, we knew a little bit more about her family and her background. And we know nothing about my birth family, anything like that. So I said to my mom, you know, Oh, of course, we can go find my birth family, too. We'll just find somebody in India that looks like me.

    Chris Tornquist 4:15
    Having been in India, myself, I think that would be quite a challenge.

    Katie Meyers 4:18
    Yes. I was eight, though, when I said, Well,

    Chris Tornquist 4:22
    that's good. That's a good perspective on that one. Little more personal stuff, work, what have you done over time as employment or that you've done for fun?

    Katie Meyers 4:33
    So not much work? I've had some health challenges. But recently, I've been working for a digital marketing agency. And they're actually based in Chicago. So it's a work from home thing. And I'm actually writing blog writing for different clients.

    Chris Tornquist 4:52
    Wow. So you take all this back from high school of yesteryear, your favorite topics, and probably those four favorite teachers. And now these years later, guess what you're doing?

    Katie Meyers 5:04
    I'm writing and I love it. I love it. Now, the topics that we're reading that I'm writing about are not necessarily, you know, driverless trucks. There's a lot of research for me. I know nothing about that.

    Chris Tornquist 5:17
    Next time I read an article about someone who is an expert in driverless trucks, I'll say, you know, Katie might have written this one, I'll call you and say, say I saw your road. And what's your additional opinions on that driverless truck? Yeah,

    Katie Meyers 5:30
    no, please don't. Okay,

    Chris Tornquist 5:32
    so digital marketing, writing. So things that show up online?

    Katie Meyers 5:37
    They do. Yeah, they do. And actually, just real quick, I was doing some research for another article, because oftentimes, they're the same topic. You just have to, they have to be different every time. And I'm researching I'm reading through and I go, wow, oh, that's a great Oh, this is great. And I get to the bottom and it says, written by Katie Meyers. Wow. I was a little embarrassed about that. But

    Chris Tornquist 6:01
    well, you're so active, you don't remember. Remember? Well, sometimes some of us don't remember what we said. And as you get older, you don't remember what you had for dinner yesterday. So it just it all, it all flows along. Well, okay, let's get to church stuff. Yes. You've been at Faith forever, in three days. Sounds like, tell me about what are you doing? What are you involved in?

    Katie Meyers 6:22
    So I actually got involved with you and Marty in the fundamentals class. And that's kind of when things slowly kind of took off as I was able to get more involved. So that was a great time to learn and get to know people. Just be more. So that was kind of the start of being involved. More. So I also did a little bit with music ministry, just being a singer. Thinking now, maybe I'll fit there. I don't feel like I do. I don't really like being up in front. Okay. That's not just not for me, I guess.

    Chris Tornquist 6:54
    And that's perfectly fine. You discover that so but you are involved with something very personal that I know because my sweetheart Marty is heading it up. Tell us about that.

    Katie Meyers 7:05
    Yes. So aspiring women, and this is become important to me. I'm writing a Bible study.

    Chris Tornquist 7:12
    But this has been quite a quite a journey. Tell me what you've done during Oh,

    Katie Meyers 7:17
    we started I guess in January like last January. And you know, just getting How do you read a study Marty was teaching us we went through the Jen Wilkin book on women of the word. And just looking at how, how to write a study well, for women. That was the big vision of just having other women writing and other women learning to teach. So it's been an adventure. It's been a very good adventure. I really, really love the other ladies who have written the study with me. That will be teaching together. And so that's, that's good.

    Chris Tornquist 7:59
    And you ladies, you're just gonna teach your studies of the chapters that you wrote. And that's an a flippin study, if I'm remembering correctly, and that starts in October, that class is full. But it'll be a fun adventure, and then kind of learn how to do a gospel talk. If I'm remembering the Rex curriculum. been kinda life change Kassadin to think about that.

    Katie Meyers 8:21
    It has Yeah, it's been a stretch for me, but it's good. It's so good.

    Chris Tornquist 8:25
    Good. As you think about your time at Faith Bible Church, is there something that really stands out that you appreciate the most, the leadership? Hustle, tell me about that?

    Katie Meyers 8:35
    Well, some of it actually, what I love is just even seeing my peers becoming pastors and teachers themselves. So going to Sunday school with them, and now their pastors are teachers. Wow, how fun. So I really, that's good, but also just, yeah, all of the leaders, all of the men who teach us well, who lead us well, Shepherd, well,

    Chris Tornquist 8:59
    good. That's really excited, very blessed. Well, just talking a little more deeper things about your spiritual background about the past, and now in the future. Tell me a bit about your journey to Christ. What spiritual background, I came to Christ. So

    Katie Meyers 9:13
    I grew up at faith. I knew the truth and I knew the word. I could answer every question Jesus. And, you know, but it didn't really sink in until I was 14. So I intended use group involved in that. And I remember just one day after a sermon, use group and I thought, so wait, but how? How was Jesus the perfect sacrifice? What? What about? What? What about that? Why couldn't it have just been anybody? Okay? And I actually now today when I think about I'm like, wow, how I should know like, I should know that answer. And yet for whatever reason that evening I just didn't, it wasn't connecting well. And so I asked my leader and we kind of just talked through, what does that mean, you had to have a perfect sacrifice. You know, I couldn't just be anybody. We're all sinners. So just thinking through that, and then I remember just accepting Christ. Wow, that evening, and I really had changed. I really was changed the next day. And I just like, oh, you know, excited to tell people about God's word and read God's word. And it was just different than just going every week.

    Chris Tornquist 10:34
    And so it was very obvious that he did a work in you because things change almost immediately have now you had a different perspective than looks like I did that. Wow, me. Wow, is that fun? As the Christian life goes on, you and I both know, there are some times ups and downs and struggles and joys, you're willing to share maybe what's been one of the bigger struggles as years have gone by.

    Katie Meyers 10:59
    So it's been very up and down. But I have had some health challenges through the years. And which has hindered me from getting involved in church which a bit, which is why it's been so exciting. Because things are going a lot better. Good. So I can be involved in church and can figure out where do I fit in church? I think that's been spiritually that's been in the last few years. Just a really big thing. Wow.

    Chris Tornquist 11:28
    If you had to point to something, or two, that you are learning, what is the Lord teaching? What do you what do you point to that he's really teaching you about,

    Katie Meyers 11:38
    I think perseverance is definitely one. And more recently, just being humble humility, learning that and just even in the past few weeks here of just being more mindful of praying, and my prayer life, you know, growing in praying for people and getting to know the Lord differently. The Philippians study, as we've been just looking, and working through that has been just great,

    Chris Tornquist 12:07
    wonderful. Besides the things that you shared already, which we could see and categorizes victories as well, and encouragement, is there anything that especially see you look back and say, Lo, oh, Lord, what you've done, I see what you've done in the past year or two. Wow, I can't believe it. Thank you so much, is something like that come to mind.

    Katie Meyers 12:26
    Yeah, I kind of have a lot of things actually even just looking back, just with these health struggles and things, looking back through so many years of those. And I've recently, I think, told Marty, I said, I've just seen how many prayers God has answered. Wow, from I mean, for years. So it and then none of them were answered the way I wanted them. I'm not surprised. But being able to look back and say that was for my good. Well, and some stuff I still don't it's like, okay, maybe 20 3040 years from now go Oh, yeah, that was for my good, too.

    Chris Tornquist 13:05
    That's part of God's sovereignty that I've learned. And I know you and I have chatted about that. And I shared in in the class and the fundamentals class, you don't see God's sovereignty while you're going through something. It's only as you've said, years, years and years, sometimes three, it's been 1020 years down the road where I've been struggling with something that the Lord allowed or didn't allow, or happened or didn't happen. And then something comes to light and I go, Oh, Yo, you did this because you loved me, Lord. Keeps me trusting. And I'm sure that's probably what I know. That's what it's been doing in your life as well. Well, finally, as we wrap this up, tell us how we can pray for you.

    Katie Meyers 13:48
    So I think, for sure, just humility. As we step into the fall, as we step into teaching, the Philippians study together. Just that's kind of that's definitely a big thing for this year looking at that and thinking like, Oh, this is coming up. And I've committed to this. So I think just humility, and patience with myself, as I teach.

    Chris Tornquist 14:18
    That's great. And listeners, when you see Katie around, you can let her know that you listen to this, and you can tell her that you're praying for her of the things that she just mentioned. And that would be a real encouragement to her. Well, thanks so much, Katie Meyers for being with us somebody that we all need to know here at Faith Bible Church. Appreciate you taking time to be with us today. Thank you. Thank you so much.

    Dan Jarms 14:49
    I was great to hear from Katie. She didn't say it in the interview, but she's done a number of projects for me. Reading, writing and research She and she's so helpful so encouraging to hear how God's helping her. Use her gifts for the good of the church. If you have somebody that you think we should know, email us at info at We'd love to have Chris interview them.

Chris Tornquist

Chris is a graduate of Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield, IL (M.Div.) and has served as a pastor in churches in the Midwest. Chris and his wife Marty have been married for over 37 years. Chris currently teaches the Fundamentals of the Faith class and serves in the Prayer Ministry here at Faith Bible Church.

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Katie Meyers

Katie writes for a digital marketing agency. She grew up at Faith Bible Church and serves in Aspiring Women and as a writer for Living Faith magazine. 

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