Question & Answer Panel

Posted by Amy DeBurgh & Linda Jarms & Other & Pam Takisaki & Trudy Konzal on May 4, 2019
Question & Answer Panel
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Question and Answer Time from Thrive Women's Conference 2019 with panel: Amy DeBurgh, Trudy Konzal, Linda Jarms, Pam Takisaki, and Helen Campbell.

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Amy DeBurgh

Amy and her husband, Spencer live in Racine, WI, where he pastors Racine Bible Church.

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Linda Jarms

Linda is wife of Pastor Dan Jarms. She and Dan have three grown children. 

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Trudy Konzal

Trudy and her husband Johntom have four grown children and an ever-growing number of grandchildren! Trudy is involved in Women's Ministry at Faith Bible Church.

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