Deacon Teams

Deacon Teams

Faith members, please contact to get connected with one of these teams or fill out our Start Serving Form if you are interested in serving on one of these teams.




Promotes safe practices for gatherings at church, as well as prompt and helpful responses to emergencies.

Zack Barrett
• Pat Lang



Warmly welcomes everyone at the church door on Sunday mornings and helps newcomers connect into the church.

Deacon: Dean Pyle


Ushers & Communion

Prepares and serves the Lord’s Supper, collects the offering, distributes the weekly bulletin, and assists visitors with seating.

Deacon: Charlie Kopp



Master Planning

Assists the elders in planning for the long-term facility needs of the church.

Deacon: Jim Moeller


Information Technology

Assists church staff and elders with adopting and maintaining digital tools and practices that safely facilitate the ministries of the church.

Deacon: Matthew Marchese


Women’s Ministry

These teams coordinate events and activities to help women grow in their faith in Christ, in their relationships, and in their knowledge and application of God’s Word.


Bible Studies & Training

• Marty Tornquist
• Cathy Dunham


    Women’s Events

    Deaconess: Lana Pustovit



    Deaconess: Susan Webley


    Meeting Needs


    Supports Growth Groups and other ministries in providing assistance to members with short-term physical needs.

    Deacon: Roy Anderson


    Care Fund

    Evaluates requests for church financial assistance and connects those in need with other relevant resources.

    Deacon: Paul Peterson


    Widows & Shut-ins

    Connects with widows and shut-ins in the church, and coordinates Sisters by Grace ministry for women who are single, divorced, or widowed.

    Deaconess: Andi Widman

    Ministry Leaders
    Mark Frankian

    Mark is the Ministry Operations Director at Faith Bible Church. He and his wife Nanette have four grown daughters. They love spending time outdoors, reading, and playing disc golf with their daughters when they get the chance.

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