Men's Ministry

Men’s Ministry exists for the purpose of helping one another learn how to delight in Christ in all circumstances of life.

The Bible says that one way to describe participation and membership in the kingdom of God is “righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit” (Romans 15:17). But for many men this experience is either unclear or elusive. We believe intentional discipleship is one key to growing in your understanding and experience of this kind of relationship with God. 

Discipleship as we practice it with one another at Faith is much more than accountability for Bible reading, prayer, church attendance or serving the body. Those are important aspects of the Christian life. But have you ever been faithful in those areas, and still lacked motivation in life, struggled to know joy, been disappointed by your lack of godliness, or even wavered in your assurance of salvation?

We teach men to understand the daily implications of the gospel—that we are already accepted by God, and aren’t auditioning with Him every day for a role in His kingdom. We help men learn to delight in God’s will and ways in the everyday world. We train men to know how to rely on the Word of God and the Holy Spirit as the source of this righteousness, peace, and joy.

Our events bring men together in a large venue for teaching and encouragement, and conclude with small-group discussion geared for application. These meetings provide opportunities for men to build relationships and find a one-on-one or small-group discipleship coach. These closer, more personal discipleship relationships guide men even further toward delighting in Christ, relying on the grace of the gospel, and experiencing the righteousness, peace, and joy God has designed for them to know.

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