2023 Seminary Graduate Testimonies

Posted by Faith Bible Church on May 14, 2023
2023 Seminary Graduate Testimonies
The Master’s Seminary faculty prays for the class of 2023 at the end of the graduation ceremony.

On May 5, two men celebrated their graduation from the Faith Bible Church location of The Master’s Seminary. Training pastors is one way Faith partners in the Gospel with sister churches throughout our region and even around the world.

The graduates, Stephen Angliss and Josh Stebbins, gave testimony of what God has done through their seminary training. Here are their messages.


Stephen Angliss

When I began the M.Div program at The Master’s Seminary, I did so to further train myself in the Word of God. In 2015, I graduated from Moody-Spokane with my B.A. in Biblical Exposition, and after several years of serving as Senior Pastor at Bayview Bible Church in North Idaho, I wanted to remain a student of Scripture.

By going to The Master’s Seminary, my preaching improved, my shepherding increased, and my love for Christ and His church flourished. I also entered a brotherhood of faithful men in my classmates and professors, who provided salve in sore seasons, teaching in tough times, and joy in moments of victory. I am thankful for each of them.

Having completed most of the program in two years while serving as senior pastor, I took advantage of the past two semesters to simultaneously begin the Th.M program in Biblical Exposition. I also had the privilege to tour Israel with Dr. Mike Grisanti last May and take part in the archaeological dig at Shiloh. Perhaps most of all, the Lord provided my wife Kimberlee and me with our first child, Anna, during this season.

In January, I accepted the call to become the next Senior Pastor at Graham Emmanuel Baptist Church in Graham, Washington. We just moved into our new home and are enjoying this blessed season with this flock. Pray that I use the skills learned at The Master’s Seminary to serve the Master well in His church.


Josh Stebbins

To Faith Bible Church,

Greetings from Trinity Church Spokane Valley! May The LORD, our God, multiply His grace to you in Christ Jesus. I thank the LORD always when I remember your work of faith and labor of love. For since childhood, I was with you. And with fondness I think of all you taught me in the Lord.

Yet, I am reminded of the fluidness of God’s providence. God often moves us around according to His will for the purpose of the advancement of His Kingdom to the uttermost ends of the earth. And such is the case with Trinity Church. And we trust in the Lord that His purposes will be advanced for His glory also among my family’s life.

I, Josh, was teaching some of your very own in the Children’s Ministry when God confirmed through the eldership that I should pursue the use of these gifts in the service of the saints. Subsequently, I met Jubilee, my wife, and we started saving towards the goal of seminary. And providentially, God moved the seminary to us. Through the extension campus at Faith, I was able to receive the training I needed.

But God still had a lot to teach us about ourselves. After about two years, we decided to put an indefinite pause on seminary. We did so and took that time to strengthen our marriage. Yet, in God’s plan, we returned to seminary. And now I have finished my degree.

Through all this, I am reminded of the constant help of many of you. Your generosity was a constant encouragement. And your prayers have been the means God has used for this achievement. And I am very thankful for the sacrifices you made.

And now, I would entreat your further prayers. As I have finished seminary, I would desire the affirmation of the eldership once again if it be the Lord’s will. While opportunities for pastoral service have come, before pursuing any of these, it would be my hope that I would not go of my own accord but with the sending of the local church. Please pray for clarity to come sooner rather than later. In the meantime, please pray for opportunities to preach the Word in my local context. Pray that my wife and I would function well as part of the Body, and that God would be glorified through our service.

With love,

Josh Stebbins (with Jubilee and Grace)

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