Dating Q&A

Posted by Henry Yan & Jared Millican & Lydia Kinne & Other on January 29, 2023
Dating Q&A
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To wrap up this dating series, Jared Millican moderates a Q&A with five of our current College Ministry volunteer leaders. Combined, these five have almost 40 years of experience with serving in college ministry. They’ve been through these dating series before, and they love to help college students think about the important questions that surround dating and marriage. More importantly, each of these leaders comes from different backgrounds of experience in their own relationships, through which they’ve followed Christ faithfully. Enjoy listening to fellow believers in Christ who are seeking to walk humbly with the Lord and who desire to help others to the same.

Questions include:

  • How do you know if you’re too picky?
  • What is an appropriate way for a girl to pursue a guy with whom she has interest? 
  • How do you know when you are ready to date? 
  • How should a dating couple approach accountability with each other?
  • How should a young couple practice building a relationship with God together? 
  • How should you deal with lusts and physical attraction within dating?
Henry Yan

Henry is a member of Faith Bible Church with bachelor’s degrees in economics and accounting. He and his wife, Mandy, have been married 15 years and have three children. They serve in college ministry at Faith Bible Church.

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Jared Millican

Former college pastor at Faith, Jared and his family are currently preparing to move to the Czech Republic and work as global outreach partners in 2024. He and his wife, Claire, have three children.

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Lydia Kinne

Lydia is a teacher, poet, and blogger, who serves various ministries here at Faith. You can read more of her writing and subscribe to her blog at

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