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Elected, Predestined, Singled-out and Selected: Sovereign Grace in the Gospel of John

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Nine unforgettable implications of divine election that magnify Christ, murder pride and motivate you for the Great Commission.

  • John 6 and the Trinitarian gift exchange
  • John 10 and the sheep of the Shepherd
  1. The doctrine of election—the fact that God chose you before time to be His should lead you to an overpowering sense that your life in not your own.
  2. The doctrine of election is one of the greatest evidences of God's love for you and that your salvation is eternally intentional.
  3. The doctrine of election is our deepest security that not only will those whom God has chosen get saved, but that they will stay saved. (Assurance of salvation.)
  4. The doctrine of election is one of the most profound roots and causes of humility.
  5. The doctrine of election reminds us that our salvation is not some commodity that we get as a reward for faith in Christ.
  6. The doctrine of election is one of the greatest catalysts for authentic, heart-felt worship because it reminds us that had God not chosen us, we would have never believed and been saved.
  7. The doctrine of election is one of the greatest sources of hope for sinners in despair who feel that they are too wicked for God to save.
  8. The doctrine of election has profound implications for global missions.
  9. Rather than kill the need to pray, preach and plead with sinners to repent, election actually is the very thing which guarantees that our prayers preaching and pleading with sinners will not fail.

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