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Give Them Grace

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Learn how to give your children grace through the rules that you set for them. This episode also includes an extended followup question to last weeks episode on our corporate identity as a church and our involvement in the church.

Show Notes 

  • John 1:14-18
  • Exodus 20 - Ten Commandments Growth Guide
  • Are the rules that you have established motivated by Grace? Are they what's best for your child and family?
  • Are your rules and expectations clearly articulated?
  • Do you have too many rules?
  • Are your rules and corresponding consequences consistently applied?
  • Activity: With your spouse, write out all your household rules and expectations and ask the above questions about each of them.

Followup on last weeks episode (Our Corporate Identity) begins 34:18

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Keywords: rules, discipline, obedience, disobedience, punishment, law and grace, no thank you bites, consistency, motives

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