Into the Unknown

Ecclesiastes 11:1-7

Into the Unknown
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Main Idea: Let the unknown, uncontrollable things of life inform you how to enjoy the known things of life.


Point 1: Three Things we Do Not Know

  • We do not know how to predict the future (v. 2)
  • We do not know how to do that which only God can do (v. 5)
  • We do not know how to guarantee success and avoid failure completely (v. 6b)

Point 2: Two Things we Do Know

  • Wise living means not holding tightly to life and it possessions (v. 1-2)
  • Wise Living Means Neither Success Nor Failure is Ultimate (v. 6)

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Jared Millican

Jared is pastor over the College Ministry at Faith Bible Church. He and his wife, Claire, have one son and one daughter. He recently received his M.Div from The Master's Seminary and desires to serve as missionary in the future!

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