Joyful Urgency

Ecclesiastes 9:1-12

Joyful Urgency
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Main Idea: Death’s certainties and life’s uncertainties call us to faith-filled joy in God.


Point 1: The Certainties of Death (vv. 1-6)

  • Certainty #1: Death and difficulty in the believer’s life are not contradictory to God’s goodness (v. 1)
  • Certainty #2: Death Comes to All (vv. 2-3a)
  • Certainty #3: Ignoring God and Death Won’t Prevent Death (v. 3b)
  • Certainty #4: There is hope for the one who acknowledges death. (V. 4-6)

Point 2: The Uncertainties of Life (vv. 11-12)

  • Uncertainty of Life #1: Your abilities might not get you where you think… (v. 11)
  • Uncertainty of Life #2: You might not see death coming… (v. 12)

Point 3: The Simple Joys of Wisdom (vv. 7-10)

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