Joyful Urgency

Ecclesiastes 9:1-12

Posted by Jared Millican on April 21, 2022
Joyful Urgency
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Main Idea: Death’s certainties and life’s uncertainties call us to faith-filled joy in God.


Point 1: The Certainties of Death (vv. 1-6)

  • Certainty #1: Death and difficulty in the believer’s life are not contradictory to God’s goodness (v. 1)
  • Certainty #2: Death Comes to All (vv. 2-3a)
  • Certainty #3: Ignoring God and Death Won’t Prevent Death (v. 3b)
  • Certainty #4: There is hope for the one who acknowledges death. (V. 4-6)

Point 2: The Uncertainties of Life (vv. 11-12)

  • Uncertainty of Life #1: Your abilities might not get you where you think… (v. 11)
  • Uncertainty of Life #2: You might not see death coming… (v. 12)

Point 3: The Simple Joys of Wisdom (vv. 7-10)

Jared Millican

Former college pastor at Faith, Jared and his family are currently preparing to move to the Czech Republic and work as global outreach partners in 2024. He and his wife, Claire, have three children.

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