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2019 Short-Term Mission Teams

Global Outreach at Faith Bible Church is all about preaching the gospel to the world so that people from every nation will worship Jesus Christ, be gathered together into local churches and be made into disciples who make more disciples. This is why we send out people to speak the Word of God. Christ is building His church around the world as He sends out His people. Our main strategy is sending full-time cross-cultural workers to take the gospel to new people and train leaders in new churches. 

So why do we send people on short-term mission trips to work with those global partners? Why not just give more money to our long-term workers? 

There are several reasons why short-term trips can be valuable and helpful for the cause of global outreach.


First of all, there are real ways that short-term workers can partner with long-term workers to love new people and speak the gospel to them. In some countries and with some people groups, a short-term team can create gospel noise through events that facilitate new relationships and opportunities for relationships for long-term workers. In some countries a group of people who speak English or who play a sport well can create opportunities for relationships and gospel speaking. So, we can partner with our global partners in strategic ways through short-term trips. 


Secondly, we send short-term workers because they can be discipled and help to disciple believers in the places they are going. Sometimes the short-term workers can help with specific equipping and teaching where they are sent. Often the short-term workers get to know and can encourage and be encouraged by the believers living in the places they are sent. 

Learning to love

Finally, short-term workers go as learners. They learn from long-term workers and from the national believers. They learn to love the nations by spending time around those nations in their countries. They can learn about unengaged people groups and further develop our hearts for those people groups. Sometimes short-term trips may not be able to contribute to the advance of the gospel directly on the trip, but the learning that happens for the participants of the trip has great value for growing the heart of the North American church for the least reached peoples of the world. They learn to have a heart to send long-term workers, pray for the nations, and give to the cause of global outreach. 

The learning that happens for the participants of the trip has great value for growing the heart of the North American church...

As we send both short-term workers and long-term workers, and they come back to share with us, our whole church learns about the global advance of the gospel.

2019 short-term teams 

Czech republic

This summer we are sending a team to the Czech Republic to work with Marcus and Amie Denny. They will be there from June 25 until July 8 doing an English camp with a big group of Czech people who are not Christians yet. This team will work together with others from Christ Our Hope, Indian Trail Church and several other churches. 


We are also sending a team to Tenerife and Torredelcampo in mainland Spain August 8 through August 26. This team will be doing VBS style outreach, some sports outreach with youth and English classes. They will be working with Natalie Widman in Santa Ursula and Alcides and Zulema Velasquez in Adeje and with all of them in Torredelcampo. Speaking some Spanish will be helpful for those going on this team. 


If you are interested in applying for a team, you can fill out an application which is available here or at the Information Center. Applications are due by February 3. The main requirement for people we would send is that you are member at Faith Bible Church and are actively serving in a ministry.