Stewardship Update

Spring 2024

Posted by Faith Bible Church on March 8, 2024
Stewardship Update

Nearly 30 years ago, God graciously provided a building for Faith Bible Church to gather as a loving community of disciples of Jesus. We should treat it like the wise stewards in the parable in Matthew 25:14-30. We don’t want to preserve His gift by burying it, never to be touched. Rather, we use the gift God has given our congregation to spread the Gospel and multiply our numbers for our Master.

The Faith building has seen nearly three decades of vigorous usage in making disciples. In that way, it’s a good thing the carpets are worn and stained, the bathrooms look dated, and the furniture is banged up! Things wearing out is a sign that they’re being used. This facility has been well used to display Christ in the gathering and outreach of His people here.

This January, Faith Bible Church kicked off the Next Generation Facility campaign to pursue improvements to the church building. From new carpets to better meeting spaces, the overall purpose over three years is to prepare for another round of vigorous usage. Find details about the campaign here.

All Faith members are asked to pray about how their families should participate in reaching the $2 million goal. When you've decided, submit a pledge online here, or pick up a pledge card at the Information Center. Be sure to do so by April 1 so the elders can get a good estimate of total expected giving.

Giving units are individuals or households who give to the church during the specified month.

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