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Sweeter Than Honey, More Dangerous Than Plutonium: The Rewards and Risks of Falling in Love

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Proposition: 3 counter-cultural components of authentic love which the church and the world desperately need to see.

Pt. 1—The anxiety of the woman before the wedding (3:1-5)
Pt. 2—The arrival of the man to claim his bride (3:6-11)
Pt. 3—The adoration of the groom for the immeasurable prize (4:1-11)

3 counter-cultural components of authentic love

  1. The culture says: sex is casual and you can give it to whom you want whenever you want and that the ONLY thing that really matters is that it’s consensual. But the text says: sex is sacred and you must count the cost before you just give it away.
  2. The culture oftentimes portrays husbands as buffoons and bumbling idiots while the wife must carry the family on her shoulders. And yet, the text says: neither marriage nor God’s design for the roles within marriage are the problem, but that it’s who you choose is the problem.
  3. The culture depicts love in movies as something like an electrical force and ONCE the electricity is gone, you find somebody else. But what the text displays is that love is both planned and deliberate as well as spontaneous and passionate.

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