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The Playlist of Solomonic Love: An Overview of the Song of Songs

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The playlist of Solomonic love: an overview one of the most neglected and misunderstood books in the Bible—Song of Songs Introductory Sermon


3 features of the Song of Songs to help you love the most neglected and avoided book in the Bible.

Feature #1—You must know the Who and the When

Feature #2—You must know the What and the How

What kind of book is the Song of Songs (genre)?

How is the book structured (outline and order)?

How is the book to be interpreted (interpretation and hermeneutics)?

Feature #3—You must know the Why and the Why

1) Why did Solomon write this book called the Song of Songs? What is the purpose? Why is it even in your Bibles?

2) What is God’s purpose for this book in out lives as those who belong to Christ? How does this book point us to Christ and help us live lives of Christ-exalting significance?

3) Why on earth am I preaching this cringy book to a crowd of college students? And why would I dare preach this racy book to a room of predominately single people?

The 13 tracks on Solomon’s playlist:

Track 1 (1:2-4): “A woman in love” (Barbara Streisand)

Track 2 (1:5-6): “Love is a battlefield” (Pat Benatar)

Track 3 (1:7-8): “Here without you” (3 Doors Down)

Track 4 (1:9-2:7): “Just the way you are” (Bruno Mars)

Track 5 (2:8-17): “Come away with me” (Norah Jones)

Track 6 (3:1-4:15): “I need your love tonight” (Elvis Presley)

Track 7 (4:16-5:1): “Wedding bells” (Jonas Brothers)

Track 8 (5:2-6:10): “Can you feel the love tonight?” (Elton John)

Track 9 (6:11-7:1): “I want to know what love is” (Foreigner)

Track 10 (7:2-8:4): “Crazy for you” (Madonna)

Track 11 (8:5-7): “The power of love” (Huey Lewis and the news)

Track 12 (8:8-12): “You give love a bad name” (Bon Jovi)

Track 13 (8:13-14): “Come home soon” (SheDAISY)

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