Counseling: The Next Step

Complete the Counseling Intake Form.

This form is designed to: 1) Help us get to know you in a comprehensive, holistic, and efficient manner. 2) Help you organize your thoughts about your counseling objectives. Please allow approximately 45 minutes to complete this form.

Download Counseling Intake Form

Mail, Fax, or Email your completed Counseling Intake Form.

Mail to FBC Counseling | 600 W Cora Ave | Spokane WA 99205 Fax to 509.326.7105 Email to

After we receive your completed form, it will be reviewed with the purpose of matching you with a suitable counselor. Your counselor will call to schedule your first appointment, which usually happens in 1-2 weeks.

The Form consists of the following parts:

  • The first two pages contain the policies and counseling agreement of FBC. Please read, initial, and sign these pages. If you have any questions, your counselor will be happy to answer them. 
  • The last five pages provide your counselor with background information on your situation (if you are requesting marriage counseling, then you and your spouse will both need to complete a form).

Please Note:

  • Childcare is not provided, and children are not allowed to sit unattended in the waiting room. If you are unable to make alternative plans for your child for the first appointment and subsequent consultations, then counseling should be postponed until arrangements can be made. 
  • From time to time, we receive more requests than counselors. In that case, we will call and let you know that you have been placed on a waiting list and give you an approximate time frame for when counseling may begin. We may also suggest other services or resources that might benefit you.

We are grateful to be able to serve you and to be a part of the journey God has for you. We look forward to playing a role in your spiritual growth, progress, and hope.

In Christ, Brian Sayers Pastor of Counseling & Discipleship

Download Counseling Intake Form

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