Addressing the Elephants in the Room: Common Tensions

Posted by Jared Millican on December 11, 2022
Addressing the Elephants in the Room: Common Tensions
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A survey of Christian college students and non-Christian Americans revealed some common tensions in the ‘dating’ conversation. For example: ‘It feels weird to date a guy/gal that’s one of my closest friends… and yet I want my future spouse to be my best friend.’ Or: ‘I want to initiate, but I’m afraid if I initiate they’ll think I’m initiating.’ Ok everyone, lets address the elephants in the room. There’s a lot of them, and it’s getting tense. In this message, we begin addressing common tensions in the dating conversation. We evaluate possible causes of these tensions, we observe biblical principles which get to the heart of them, and then we propose some possible solutions.

Jared Millican

Former college pastor at Faith, Jared and his family are currently preparing to move to the Czech Republic and work as global outreach partners in 2024. He and his wife, Claire, have three children.

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