Session 1: The Truth About Sanctification

Philippians 2:12–13

Posted by Mike Riccardi on February 16, 2018
Session 1: The Truth About Sanctification
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The truth about the process of sanctification is that it is indeed completed by the Holy Spirit’s working in our lives, but he uses means to accomplish our growth. These means all lead us back to beholding the glory of Christ. In other words, seeing Christ’s glory in scripture, in the church, and in every aspect of life causes us to grow, to be sanctified. The scripture gives us a picture that walks the razor's edge between self-sanctification and the quietism mentality of "let go and let God." Aspire 2018

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Mike Riccardi

Mike Riccardi has served on staff at Grace Community Church in Southern California since 2010. He currently serves as the Pastor of Local Outreach Ministries. He also has the privilege of serving alongside Phil Johnson as co-pastor of GraceLife, a Sunday morning adult fellowship group at Grace Church. His dear wife, Janna, lovingly supports and serves alongside him in these ministries.

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