Authentic Marriage: A Testimony of Marriage

Posted by Brian Sayers & Michelle Sayers on April 13, 2017
Authentic Marriage: A Testimony of Marriage
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Let's face it, real marriage isn't all butterflies and roses, sometimes things get difficult, so how do you handle it, how do stay together and grow in the Lord together when things are difficult? Listen to this testimony of marriage to see how God can grow couples in their relationship with each other and God through struggles.

Brian Sayers

Brian is the Pastor of Counseling & Equipping at Faith Bible Church. He is passionate about the local church, and equipping the saints to effectively serve one another. Before coming to Spokane, he spent 14 years serving God's people as a pastor in rural New England (Vermont & New Hampshire).

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Michelle Sayers

Michelle Sayers and her husband, Brian serve in the counseling center at Faith Bible Church. She and Brian have been in ministry for over 20 years, first in rural New England, and now here in Spokane, WA.

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