By Your Endurance You Will Gain Your Lives

Luke 21:5-19

By Your Endurance You Will Gain Your Lives
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Main Idea: Endure the world for the sake of your Lord.

Five refrains for the Lord to endure five pains from the world:

  1. False saviors… I will not be led astray (v. 8)
  2. Terrors of war… I will not be afraid (v. 9)
  3. Hatred from world leaders… I will not abandon Christ (v. 12)
  4. Opportunities to give up… I will not trust my own words (v. 13-15)
  5. Abandonment by loved ones… I will not count my hair (v. 18-19)

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Jared Millican

Jared is pastor over the College Ministry at Faith Bible Church. He and his wife, Claire, have one son and one daughter. He recently received his M.Div from The Master's Seminary and desires to serve as missionary in the future!

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