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Calling all Contenders

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Those who have been called by God have been entrusted with the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. We can take hope as we contend for the faith because we are loved by God, and will be guarded by him until the day of glory. Today, contending is as necessary as ever, as false Christians represent a false gospel which denies Christ as Lord and gives allowance for godlessness and immorality. May God cause us to be faithful to contend, with love for the lost and love for his honor.


Big Idea: A Common Salvation Calls for Common Contending

1. Greetings in a common salvation (v. 1-2)

Our common salvation:
a. Honors Christ
b. Holds us secure in Christ
c. Gives eternal blessing in Christ

2. An Appeal For Common Contending (v.3-4)

a. Contend for the one and only saving Gospel

Characteristics of false Christians:
- Sneaky
- Condemned in scripture
- They do not fear God
- They permit immorality
- They deny Christ as Lord

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