Different Elephants, Same Room: Common Tensions Part 2

Posted by Jared Millican on December 18, 2022
Different Elephants, Same Room: Common Tensions Part 2
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In this message, we pick up where we left off from the previous message. We address yet another tension in the dating conversation. The goal is to evaluate potential causes of these tensions, address them with Biblical principles, and then propose possible solutions. In this message, the tension we address is: ‘I want to know what essential standards I need to have for a significant other, but I hope I get more than just the essentials.’ Tensions like these may give us unreasonable expectations, a prideful attitude toward others, and may very well stall our ability to have fruitful relationships. Thankfully, God’s word provides the true essentials we can work from.

Jared Millican

Former college pastor at Faith, Jared and his family are currently preparing to move to the Czech Republic and work as global outreach partners in 2024. He and his wife, Claire, have three children.

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