Do Not Trust in Wisdom

Ecclesiastes 9:13-10:20

Do Not Trust in Wisdom
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In this sermon we look at 6 Inadequacies of Wisdom.

Solomon has been telling us that, as a general rule, life will go best for us when we pursue wisdom. The fool follows his passions, the fool doesn’t plan, the fool doesn’t gauge his desires, the fool doesn’t seek wisdom. Hence why the fool’s life usually looks the way it usually does. On the other hand, it is always the goal of wisdom for things to go well for us, for us to be as effective and useful as possible. Earthly wisdom seeks this, and even godly wisdom in ways. But here in these verses, Solomon reveals that he knows our tendency toward putting our trust in earthly things. He’s seen himself and others trust in riches, pleasure, fun, fame, reputation, knowledge and understanding, and comfort. Each of these things will let a person down if their hope is entrusted to them. The same goes for wisdom. Wisdom is no guarantee for happiness, fulfillment, or success. In this passage, Solomon reveals 6 inadequacies of wisdom, which act as a warning to not put our trust in wisdom. Where instead should our trust be?

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Brian Sayers

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