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Essential For Life Q&A

During our Essential for Life Series, we have been receiving many questions, all of which we cannot answer on Sunday mornings, so we are trying to answer a few more of them here via video... We'll be tackling questions like: 

  • Is all of God's Word really inspired? 
  • Are there other gospels (besides Matthew, Mark, Luke or John,) or other books that have been left out of the canon of scripture that shouldn't have been excluded? Who decided what books would go in the Bible? (Canonization.) 
  • What sets the Bible apart from other religious holy books such as the Koran, or the book of Mormon?
  • Is it circular reasoning to use the Bible to answer questions about it and it's authority?
  • How should one talk to an agnostic about the Bible?
  • How should one talk to a Mormon about the Bible? (LDS, Mormonism, Latter-day Saints)