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Faithful Disciples

  • Introduction
  • At Faith Bible Church our passion is to be a loving community making disciples of Jesus Christ. God is making a people for Himself who are His sons and daughters and who will gather around Jesus as our Savior and King! Christ is making God known to us and through us as we live with Him and love others.

    We are going to focus for five weeks on the topic of faithful discipleship in our Sunday sermons. We want to think together about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and how being a disciple of Jesus impacts our relationships in the church, our vocation, our recreation, and our lives as we get older.

    This growth guide is meant to be a companion to the sermons and a tool to use together in your growth group. You will find three sections in each week:

    • “At Home Before the Sermon” – This is something you could do at home on your own or with your family or a discipleship partner. There will be some passages to look up and some questions to answer to get you ready to hear the sermon and to think about the topic of the week. This section is not meant to be “covered” in your growth group meeting.

    • “At Home After the Sermon” – These three questions are meant to be done on your own or with your family or discipleship partner after you heard the sermon. They are designed to help you think more deeply about the sermon you heard and to help you to apply the sermon. Your answers here will help you with the growth group discussion, but do not have to be “covered” in your growth group meetings.

    • “Growth Group Discussion” – These questions are meant to be discussed with your growth group. You may want to begin to answer them on your own, but do not feel like you need to completely answer them before you meet with your growth group or discipleship partners.

    May God help all of us to see clearly what it means to be a faithful disciple of Jesus in all areas of life!

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