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Financial Stewardship Part 3

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In this three-part series, Paul, Toby and Jenni discuss what it means to steward the resources God has entrusted to us for his glory and not our own desires, as well as much discussion of the practical ways money can be handled well. Issues such as insurance, investment, debt, home-buying, giving/tithing, wealth, and many more are addressed.

In part 3 we dive into the practical aspects of financial stewardship such as:

  • Home ownership
  • Giving
    • Tithing
    • Offerings
    • Supporting Missionaries or other causes and organizations
  • Investing
    • employer matching
    • stock markets
    • investment accounts
    • retirement accounts
  • Financial Stewardship Class


NOTE: Fall Financial Stewardship Class has been canceled. This class will probably be offered again during the Winter or Spring Quarter.


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