Sharing in the Life of God

First John Growth Guide Part 2 • 1 John 3:11–5:21

Sharing in the Life of God

Our prayer is that as we study the letter of 1 John, we would grow in our enjoyment of fellowship with God and with each other. What a wonderful reality that God wants us to share in His life, the life that the Father, the Son and the Spirit share with each other! We can be confident that we are sharing in the life of God the Father if we have a true belief in the Son and a true commitment to love each other. Over and over John will give us ways to know that we are children of God who share in His life. John is teaching us what is true for all of God’s children and what should characterize our lives: faith in Christ, obedience to God, and love for others. May your confidence in Christ and the love of God to His children through Christ grow and your love for others in God’s family flourish as you read and study this wonderful letter!

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