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How to Join Us For an In-person Service

Due to the circumstances we are limiting our attendance and therefore are requiring registration to join for a Sunday service. The links to register are sent out via email and text as follows:

  • For all of our members you should be included in a Shepherding group, which means you will receive an invitation to register via email and text message on a rotating basis on Mondays—approximately twice per month.
  • For all members and regular attenders you will receive an invitation to register via email each Thursday (filling up the rest of the seats not taken by the Shepherding groups invited that week.)
  • If you're new with us you might be wondering how you can join for an in-person service: Simply fill out this form to receive the emails on Thursdays! When you get the email, you can then register yourself and your family for a service.
  • For our members and attenders: If you want to invite friends to a service you can simply add them to your registration. See screenshot below: