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Learning Compassion

Jonah, Luke 15

Posted by Nathan Thiry on February 16, 2020
Learning Compassion
  • Introduction

  • Learning Compassion Lord, teach me to be a missionary!

    Lessons for the missionary life from the missionary God in Jonah and Luke 15


    We have three core identities as disciples of Jesus Christ that shape what we do together: worshipper, minister and missionary.

    • As a worshipper of Jesus, we seek to hear the Word of God together and respond to Him together in praise, repentance, rejoicing, obedience, prayer and love.

    • As a minister in the body of Christ, we are committed to helping each other become like Christ.

    • As a missionary we are sent by Christ into the world to make disciples of Jesus.

    Although we have not received an assignment exactly like Jonah’s, each of us have an important calling to take the good news of Jesus to those who do not know Him yet. We want to help each other through growth groups to live out our identities as worshippers, ministers and missionaries first in our families, second among our brothers and sisters in Christ, and finally in our world.

    The focus of the next few weeks will be learning compassion that will motivate us to live as missionaries sent by Christ into our world. As we seek to help each other live as missionaries, we also pursue worship of Christ and ministry to each other. The goal is that our lives would faithfully live out all three of these identities that sum up what it means to live as a disciple of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    May God teach us to be a people who delight in and declare His great compassion!

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Nathan Thiry

Nathan Thiry is the Growth Groups & Outreach Pastor at Faith Bible Church. He enjoys biking and outdoor activities, and has a passion to see the gospel spread throughout our community and the whole world!

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