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Prompts for Praying in Community

Posted by Faith Bible Church on February 27, 2022

This February are publishing prayer prompts for each week and encouraging you to pray through them in community, whether that be with your spouse, family, Growth Group or friends! 

For the week of February 27

Thank God that He hears and keeps every prayer.

Ask God to increase our faith in his goodness as we wait for His perfect response.

Ask God for faithfulness to His commands as we look to Christ’s return

Pray for Ukrainian Christians to remain hopeful in Christ, bold with the gospel and courageous in love.

  • For the week of February 20
  • Thank God that His door is always open and He invites us to come.

    Confess our tendency not to spend time in prayer consistently.

    Pray that Faith Bible Church will pray with persistence for our requests.

  • For the week of February 13
  • Thank God that He is all-powerful and invites us to be with Him.

    Boldly ask God for His power to be shown in difficult circumstances.

    Pray for enduring hope in everyday challenges and in seasons of trials.

  • For the week of February 6
  • Praise and thank God for the perfect combination of His holiness and His compassion.

    Pray that we will be a church that desires to truly worship.

    Pray that we will be a church and individuals who cherish the privilege of prayer.

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