Rejecting and Embracing Wisdom

1 Corinthians 2:6-13

Rejecting and Embracing Wisdom
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Because we’ve already been warned to… stop being enamored with the world’s methods and messages!

Main idea: Understand and embrace the realities of true divine wisdom, the Gospel of Christ crucified.

1. The Qualities of True Divine Wisdom (6-9)

  • It cannot be from, or characterized by, the spirit of the age (v. 6).
  • It was formerly concealed by God from full view (v. 7a).
  • It was eternally predestined/decreed by God to be enacted in history (v. 7b).
  • It was humanly imperceptible (v. 8-9).

2. The Revelation of True Divine Wisdom (10-13)

  • The Holy Spirit is the means of God’s revealed wisdom, the Gospel (v. 10-11).
  • The Apostles are the agents of God’s revealed wisdom, the Gospel (v. 12).
  • The “spiritual ones” are the recipients of God’s revealed wisdom, the Gospel (v. 13).

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