Stage Remodel Update

Stage Remodel Update
The demolition phase of the stage remodel was carried out last week. (Photo by Seth Weber)

It’s been a week of making big messes, as we have reached the end of the demolition phase of our stage remodel. This week will include the first pour of new concrete as we begin building out the new design. By God’s grace we remain on schedule and on budget through the first four weeks of this project. If all continues to go well, we are scheduled to complete the project on Friday, December 2. Thank you for your continued patience as we adjust to new adventures and challenges each week!

Now, let me tell you why I’m excited about the work that we’re doing, which is the first of what will be several renovation projects in the next few years as we seek to steward well this building where so much ministry happens. Updating our outdated technology is a necessity in today’s church context, but that’s only a part of what we’re accomplishing. The need to replace critical components of our audio/visual/lighting systems also made this the ideal time to make some structural changes to a space that was not designed to be our permanent primary gathering space when it was constructed 25 years ago.

The design of our original platform had several inherent challenges. In addition to being too small to facilitate the needs of a music ministry in a church our size (remember the portable stage extensions we had to borrow for last year’s Christmas concert?), its height had several drawbacks, not least of which being the distance needed between the congregation and the platform. It was also very difficult to access for church members with limited mobility, and the acoustics of that space have always made sound mixing difficult.

The new platform will bring those on stage lower and closer to the congregation, something about which I’m particularly excited as eye contact and facial expressions are such a vital part of communication (one of Covid’s more important lessons). We love being with our people! With fewer steps, handrails, and a handicapped ramp, our platform will be accessible for anyone, allowing our church to better benefit from the ministry of every member. The new design accounts for our desire to hear the singing of the congregation shining through, as well as making ensembles such as choirs and orchestra better able to be both seen and heard. Sightlines will also be improved, so that the screen and baptistry will be visible from every seat.

If at any point you have questions about any aspect of this project, I’m happy to answer them or direct you to those who can! Reach me any time at

John Gardner

John is the pastor over Music Ministry at Faith Bible Church. He is a coffee aficionado who loves most kinds of music, but has a particular fondness for big band (especially when he's playing trumpet in the band). He and his wife, Laurie, have 3 kids who enjoy reading, hiking, and the symphony.

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