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The Church, Living and Active

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What is the role of the church member in a worship service?

Sermon Notes

Introduction & Review

Two Weeks Ago: The Word-Filled Worship Service
Read the Word, Pray the Word, Sing the Word, Preach the Word, See the Word

Last Week: The Gospel-Shaped Worship Service
The Glory of God, The Gravity of Sin, The Grandeur of Grace

What is the role of the church member as we…

  1. Read the Word
    1. Hearing is passive
    2. Listening is active
  2. Pray the Word
    1. Amen is a Hebrew word meaning “Yes,” or “I agree”
  3. Sing the Word
    1. Sing loudly
    2. Sing expressively and with understanding
    3. Sing both vertically and horizontally
    4. Sing uninhibited 
    5. Sing charitably
    6. You don’t have to sing excellently
  4. Preach the Word
    1. James 1:22 But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves.
  5. See the Word
    1. In the ordinances
    2. In the story arc of the liturgy
      1. The Glory of God
      2. The Gravity of Sin
      3. The of Grandeur Grace



  • All Christian worship is our response to the revelation of God.
  • Notice the gospel-shaped patterns in our services, and in life.
  • Become an active participant, not a passive observer.

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